Well, here we are.. 2015.

It took me three days into the New Year to pull myself together and get back to my writing. I don’t think I mentioned it but my brother, Mike (Mikey 🙂 ) got me this super dope, gold journal with a lock and key for me to write in everyday. I started yesterday and I’m already loving it. Writing without the presence of an audience is a little different but it’ll definitely provide me with an additional outlet to express or discuss anything I want, with really no filter at all. Even if you’re not a writer, I highly recommend that everyone tries journaling in their life at least once.

I’ve been on this whole “Humans of New York” kick to the point that I’ll be on Facebook for hours going through picture after picture (crying, laughing, and learning) from every single post. One in particular caught my eye, and the caption was this: “I’m terrible at journaling. But I do it anyway, because I think that maybe one day I’ll write something that I didn’t know before, and suddenly it tumblr_nhmbqcJUJA1u2kssoo1_1280will all make sense.”

Suddenly it will all make sense. That shit really resonates. I think the thing is you have to go into something like that completely opened minded. No plan. No outline. No structure. Just your pencil and your thoughts, solely. Honestly, I think people end up learning things about themselves that they never really did. It’s a type of self reflection that you can only really receive from purely yourself. That’s super dope to me. If I ever end up writing anything worth sharing, I’ll definitely kind of go out of my comfort zone and post it. We’ll see though, this is all still so new to me.

As far as how I’m feeling going into the new year, I think I have a new sense optimism that was never really there. A new energy. New goals. A better sense of myself and where/who I am and where I want to go. My strengths and weaknesses. My strong suits and my downfalls. I’m not with the new year, new me bullshit but I think the New Year does work as a new template to essentially leave everything that happened in 2014 somewhat behind. It’s not a snap of the finger or a flip of the wrist that just deletes everything. No Draya, your hoeness cannot be deleted.

Reflect and take with you the bits and pieces that you’ve learned and apply them to the perspective part of your lives.

Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit. Happy 2015 to any of my followers reading this. Let’s make it a beautiful one!

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