Blessingz & Lessonz

I can thankfully say I spent the holidays surrounded by endless, unconditional love and the sweet company of family. This weekend especially made me realize and remember the importance of family and how significant it is to surround yourself with nothing but good company. Radiate love and it’ll come right back to you. 

When I inittumblr_nhczv4VcRR1u2kssoo1_500ally started blogging, I made it clear that I wanted to write from the most sincere point of view. Despite the topic, I wanted to reveal both avulnerable and raw side of myself in my posts. Essentially, open up entirely to this audience with the hopes that my words can somehow, someway influence or positively impact you guys. That’s always been the goal. Being that it’s the end of the year, I feel it would be vital to pass on some of the lessons I’ve taken away this year.. because God knows it’s been an eventful one.

  1. Stop letting others limit your potential and allowing them to determine your capability to succeed. What other people do and say shouldn’t influence your dreams and hinder your drive. If they’re not feeding, f*cking, or financing you; keep it moving. Only you know what you’re capable of, so shock the world if need be. Stay committed, fuck the credit.
  2. Wear what you want and take pride in your individual style. People will always have an opinion and not necessarily see your vision but thats none of your concern. What people think of you is none of your business so wear what you love in confidence. Key word: confidence.
  3. Never lose sight of your priorities. I have the attention span of a acorn and often times get sidetracked easily. I’m definitely an indecisive person so I have a problem staying on task and sticking with it. Set goals, big and small. Even if you have to write them down and cross them out as you go along.
  4. Stop drinking Fireball. That shit is the anti-christ, it’s a blackout in a bottle and I will for damn sure not be spending my $ on it. Bruh. Never again, that shit is for the birds for real.
  5. Stop expecting greatness from fuck boys. Stop investing your time (that you can’t get back) and energy on those who don’t deserve it. 9 times out of 10 you’re not the only one, boo. Just be smart and keep everything in perspective. When the right one comes along you’ll know and only then should you invest your [emotions + body] in them. These bros ain’t loyal, mannnn. Show that you can play the game just as good, if not better, than them.
  6. Learn to love and put yourself first. I’m about to be 21 so I’m so big on coming into my own and realizing new things about myself. Recognizing the good, reflecting on the bad; completely analyzing every little thing about myself.
  7. Be young. Be adventurous. Make mistakes and take risks. These are our twenties, more than anything you should be a sponge and soak up as much as you possibly can. Be mindful of consequences but definitely don’t hesitate to do something outside of your comfort zone.
  8. Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t be consumed by situations and circumstances that have already happened. Reflect and learn from them. Allow it to make you even more resilient. That goes for everything, especially ex’s.
  9. Be a bad bitch. Even if the world thinks you look like Boosie, be confident and love yourself! I think the whole bad bitch mantra doesn’t necessarily just come down to looks. It’s how you feel, how you present yourself, and choosing not to take to shit from anyone. 

Here’s to 2014, ya’ll. 

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