Inspire Me, Baby.

“It’s funny how artistic we become when our hearts are broken.” 

I have a ridiculous amount of down time right now. While school has begun this week, I am still searching and applying like crazy for a new job. I’m honestly going back and forth between retail and waitressing. I tried designer retail when I worked at Michael Kors and while I loved the free clothes and 50% discount (25% off sales items), I couldn’t get with the obsessive limitations on self expression. In other words, don’t tell me how to wear my hair and nails.. and definitely don’t tell me to take out my nose ring.tumblr_ni497rtPfK1taz58fo1_500

I wasn’t for the shit.
Anyways, I assume being a server at a really fun sports bar would be ideal because environments like that are always a good time. Serving to drunk sports fans sounds hilarious + tips, duh. 
I’ll keep you guys posted on what I end up doing in terms of what job decides to actually respond to my persistent applications and e-mails. Send me good vibes, guys! Back to this incredible amount of free time I have on my hands though..
Well, like.. In my head, before I actually settled in my new space, I assumed I would get this sudden rush of inspiration to blog and journal endlessly. Topics, feelings, and limitless ideas would be drawn from this new experience that would provide me with a bunch of material that I would be able to post to Everything Ravey. In addition to the blog, I was hoping to start a project of my own to share with you guys down the road. That’s still the goal but I really started to think about where people draw their creativity from.
The only answer that has honestly crossed my mind is this: inspiration and bursts of creativity are often drawn from painful circumstances, such as an overwhelming feeling of unhappiness or even heartbreak. That got me thinking. While I am far from heartbroken and unhappy, I can think back to periods where I was so devastated, so crushed by  what I believed to be, the traumatic woes of puppy love.
Vulnerable and alone (so fucking dramatic lol) I was entirely in my feelings. I was able to draw from that negative pit and channel it in a way in which it inspired my writing in a positive way. Vulnerability turned inspiration. From heartbreak blossomed artistic creativity. I drew from a place that I would be unable to use as a source of inspiration now. It’s all about thinking outside of the box, in addition to creating something relevant and relatable to my peers and audience.
I guess the goal moving forward is this: what other outlets can I draw creativity from?
Challenge accepted. 

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