So lit, I’m hyped. I’ll be waitressing at a restaurant in the neighboring county. I went in for the interview a couple hours ago and walked away with the job! I start training next Friday and I’m too excited to start generating a source of income again. The money is the motive, obviously. 

The universe is truly on my side so far this year. I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities so far. Grateful doesn’t even begin to express how thankful I am. I have a new found sense of direction that I’ve never had before and let me tell you guys, it feels really fuckin’ good. My dad has a plethora of inspirational quotes and concepts that he is always instilling in my brothers and I. One he always emphasized with me specifically is this: What is your purpose? What were you put on this earth to do? Even now at almost 21 years old, I don’t have an answer. But, I have a plan. An idea of where I want my life to go and I luckily have the necessary tools to turn them into a reality. My reality.

It’s all aboutumblr_nhqny4yczG1txcb93o1_500t piece of mind, stability, and truly internalizing your individual sense of happiness. Happiness really is a state of mind that you have the ultimate control over. Side note: Don’t ever fall into the whole, “my happiness is dependent on making you happy.” Naaaaaaa bruh. Been there, done that. YOU control your own happiness. You should always be your priority. On the grand scheme of things, what I’ve taught myself recently is avoid dwelling on those components of your life that aren’t impacting you in a beneficial manner. Stop worrying about the irrelevant nuances. Don’t put focus on, for lack of a better work, the fuckery, that only clouds your ambitions and productivity.

That boy you were so head over heels, obsessed with that doesn’t have your best interest at heart? Drop it. It’s irrelevant. These bros have never been, and will never be loyal. Don’t invest your energy in it. Definitely don’t allow it to impact your personal goals. Never put your dreams aside for someone else. Ever.

This one especially applies to me: Stop thinking that if you don’t go to every single [turn up, kickback, function] that you’re missing out on something significant. Alcohol will always be there. Tree will always be there. The turn-up will be forever there. Stop making it a priority. It’s never that serious. [Note to OVO]

What I’m essentially trying to articulate here is this.. Rid yourself of the bullshit and stay focused on what’s truly significant. It’s all about balance, ya’ll. It’s all about building a better you. As I’ve mentioned previously, the most significant and challenging relationship you have is with yourself.

PS: This is my last time blogging before my birthday weekend! I’ll post once I’m back home next week. 21 21 21!

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