A Beautiful Life.

I know I said I wouldn’t blog until after my trip but here I am about twenty minutes into my flight, so I figured I could get a little writing in before I touch down in Dallas. I have a 30 minute layover and then from there I fly out to LAX.
I can’t believe I made it to 21.
Honestly, the first thing I did once the clock struck 12 AM was prayed. Given the circumstances I’ve put myself in over the past couple years especially, it’s nothing short of a miracle that I’ve made it here. So thanks definitely goes to the man upstairs, first and foremost. I’m not going to try and portray myself to be such an overly religious, reformed Christian all of a sudden but I’ve realized (especially recently) that I’ve been truly blessed up to this point in my life. I sin just like everyone else. Probably more to be totally honest. Probably gonna sin again tonight. (#well, VMaya voice) But, it’s all about trying to be a better person with each new day.
Whether you believe in God, are an Atheist, or believe in some type of higher power; I think it’s significant to embrace some type of spiritual energy in your life. It’s definitely good for the soul. It’s pretty dope that I’m writing this while I’m coasting across the skies. Realizing the beauty of life while in the clouds is pretty profound. Fabolous in my headphones.. soul tapes for the soul, always.
I woke up this morning to this text message from Big Si: “Welcome to the world of ADULTHOOD! Remember that with ADULT AGE, comes ADULT RESPONSIBILITY! Take notice, govern yourself accordingly, and be the BEST you can be!”
Damn, I’m really an adult. The timing couldn’t have been more perfectly timed.
As with any other birthday, I don’t necessarily feel any differently. But, something about 21 just makes me feel as though life has kind of restarted. Mike, my brother, put it in such a inspiring way. He told me, “welcome to the other side of youth!” I know I’ve shifted the direction of my blog, of recent especially. I initially discussed a lot regarding pop cultur6355244925885941591821969525_VFK4UCe, relationships, and fashion. The circumstances that make up my life have forced me (and I ain’t mad at it), to focus more on documenting my own personal journey. I’m not sure if the content is equally as appealing in comparison to what I used to write, but archiving the details of my own personal journey feels so much more rewarding.
The goal of Everything Ravey remains the same, produce work that others can gain something from positively. It’s just.. a little less everything/everyone else and a little more Ravey. 
Cheers to life.

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