Inspired Ink n Thingz

Often times, individuals ask me the meaning of my tattoos, especially the series of symbols I have going down my spine. I’ve constantly argued the fact that piercings and tattoos are one of the greatest forms of self-expression. Self modification can be both minor, personal sentiments to large, extensive bodies of work. In both instances, it’s only meant to further beautify the magnificence that is the human body.

I’ve always believed my tattoos pieced together some of the major parts of my life. Ultimately, what keeps me going and what I believe drives and inspires me on the daily. Deep down, it really represents the people, spirituality, and concepts that I would want to remain constant throughout my life. Keyword: constant. My first tattoo ever was a cross on the back of my neck. Raised Christian, I wanted to initially get something that I knew would always mean something. Born sinner, I’m working everyday, as  mentioned previously, to better myself and essentially do what’s right by the moral code that’s been instilled in me early on. Work in progress. 3:16. 

The second was a series of zodiac signs [Taurus, Pisces, and Capricorn] to honor the most important men in my life, my brothers. In age order, I decided to get these simple black and white astrological signs to show my love towards the ones that have always, and will forever be by my side. All we got is us. 

The third is aom-aum-symbol-10702464 sacred, Hindu symbol that essentially represents the idea of karma. Pronounced Om, or Aum, the lone symbol is representative of the following ideas: 1. the state of being not only awake, but enlightened 2. a state of consciousness which all human beings experience 3. an infinite open mind and a sense of absolute consciousness. Each play an incredible factor in the driving forces of K A R M A. I’m constantly reiterating that what you put into the universe is exactly what you get back. Everything’s a cycle. “Trying to get my karma up, fuck the guilty and greedy shit.”

The fourth tattoo I decided to get was a simple, two word reminder to go about life with the idea to always move forward without regret. Taken from No Church In The Wild, a song off of Jay-Z and Kanye’s collaborative album Watch The Throne, I decided to take the words from one of my favorite songs off the album. The line reads: “Two tattoos, one read “no apologies.” The other said, “love is cursed by monogamy.” Right along my left shoulder reads, “no apologies.” Every. Single. Day.  I’ve decided to always keep this concept relevant in my life and apply it to my own personal experiences. Unapologetically. Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.17.18 PM

My fifth, final, and most recent tattoo is to honor the queen herself. My heart. My inspiration. The sole person in this world that I strive to be like in every sense. My beautiful mother. This ode to her expresses my overall thankfulness. She’s been my number 1 fan throughout it all. Through all my bullshit. Recklessness. Mistakes. Downfalls. She’s been right there. To her I owe the world and this is just a small expression on the grand scheme of how much she means to me. Yvonne, which is also my middle name, appears in cursive on my left forearm. Wherever I go, you go mommy. Us against the world. 

Each of these illustrations reflect the driving forces in my life. 

Completely unrelated, I wanted to share this quote that resonated with me recently. I always want to share what I find to be exceptionally profound in relation to my own life. Something (I hope), you guys will be able to benefit from: “And when I look back at my life, when I look back at it all, I clearly saw how bad times really meant everything. and how every moment that lead me to happiness revolved around some kind of terrible darkness. Sometimes the darkness was a beautiful thing and sometimes it took me to a place where I had no idea where it all could go, but I knew it was all meant to be ok.” – R.M Drake 

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