She Shallow.

I’ve had No Role Modelz on repeat this morning. If you guys haven’t listened to J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive all the way through I HIGHLY recommend it! What I’ve grown to appreciate about Cole is the authenticity in his lyrics. He’s not afraid to show his vulnerability in his music, never afraid to share his own insecurities, shortcomings, and sometimes embarassing encounters. I especially applaud what he chooses to share when it comes to relationships, or just relations, with females. Before and after coming into the industry.  As he puts it, before he was a “B-List” celebrity.

tumblr_mvlqrw2rS71sk9kmzo1_1280Awhile back, when I was still blogging on Tumblr, I wrote a post devoted to women who are trying to get on by any means necessary. The ones that bring nothing to the table besides 1000+ followers on Instagram and a Birkin bag with no cash in it. The handful of times I’ve been to Los Angeles, and even when I’ve gone out in Manhattan, it’s so funny spotting the groupies and watching the way they move. I see both sides though. I understand the method to their madness, but also feel for the men who fall into their bird traps. Not to say I agree, or promote what they’re doing by any means. At the end of the day, I have brothers and I’ll be damned if it happens to them.

Cole raps, “One time for my LA sisters, one time for my LA hoes. Lame niggas can’t tell the difference. One time for a nigga who knows.” Sometimes I honestly wonder if men honestly know what they’re getting into, especially when they are in positions where they’re in the spotlight, or have a lot of money. I have trust issues and I’m regular as fuck, I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue once you throw a bunch of money in the mix. I can only imagine how that complicates things.

Lately on Instagram, I’ve come across a bunch of posts devoted to females who have their priorities all the way fucked up. Meek Mill uploaded the following quote, “It’s a lot of females honestly struggling and working legitimate jobs but feel like they’re behind because they get on Instagram and see these girls with these expensive bags, nice cars, and shoes. Don’t feel bad. Them hoes ain’t hustling, most of them selling p*ssy. Keep doing you, it’s going to get better.” Let the church say AMEN. Don’t get discouraged when you see men swooning over females who will bust it open for some red bottoms. You’re going to school. You’re busting your ass. You’re trying to stack your own money. You’re winning. 

It doesn’t pay to only be pretty. Over the past year, I’ve realized how attractive it is to have your shit together, and how it’s significant to bring something else to the table besides what’s in-between your legs. That goes for men too. Ambition is attractive. You have to bring something else to the table besides your looks. You have to have a plan. Have to work towards constantly bettering yourself. Respect goes to the pretty girls out here grinding, you’re my inspiration. 

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