Bad Bitch.

What constitutes sex appeal?

Is what you as an individual find appealing something you allow to be altered by what’s relevant in pop culture? What’s hot right now in terms of the physicality of women? Big butts. Full lips. Slim waist. Foreign features. Curves are in. Long hair. Tan skin, but not too dark. I guess I say all of that to ask, do we let others determine what we personally find attractive? Do we let others influence our own standards of beauty. 

red_lips cropI remember having a discussion with someone in the industry last year who told me that the culture of music, specifically hip-hop, tends to put emphasis on a certain female that every man should desire, a certain criteria a female needs to meet. He claims early on that he felt shameful for wanting someone who wasn’t necessarily up to the standard of say, a vixen, or a model chick. The dynamics of relations, especially at a that level, is so interesting.

What about regular people like you and I? We try to convince ourselves that we don’t allow things to alter our personal perspective. The media is one of the most powerful influences. If you don’t think for yourself, you ultimately allow the media to think for you. Everything  you do, want, say, and think is determined by some wave of media. Today in my sociology class, my professor asked, “what part of society are you most influenced by?’ After really thinking about the question, I came up with two categories that I believe influence my personal life most: media/culture and success.

I thought about what drives me to do what I do on a daily basis. Why do I come to class every week? Why do I decide to blog every day? Why do I wear these certain types of clothes? Why do I listen to this type of music? The simplest answer I could come up with is this: it either comes down to being influenced by a celebrity/person I admire, or it’s an opportunity to further my personal successes and make money. No matter what, the money will forever and always be the motive.”

As much as we’d like to believe we think for ourselves, we’re constantly being molded by everything in the world around us. What make you different? What sets you apart? 

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