Grammy Dreamz

Just like the rest of my fellow pop culture obsessed twenty-somethings, I too am tuned into, “Live From The Red Carper” on E! trying to catch as many celebrity looks that I can (while simultaneously taking a few notes from these drop dead divine divas.Grammy night is always the biggest celebration in music. Everyone who is anyone in music is here. For the few minutes I’ve been tuned into E!’s red carpet event, I’ve seen heavy hitters like my baby daddy, Chris Brown and his vibrant new bright blue hair. Nicki Minaj in a modest Tom Ford number looking like a bag of money. Katy Perry. Lady GaGa. Ariana Grande on the arm of her Detroit born beau, Big Sean. Of course, I’m itching to see the Kim and Kanye. Such a shocker, right?

Grammy week in LAGrammysKanye must be monumental. So much energy in one city with the number of talented artists creatively and collectively coming together to share their mutual appreciation and love for one thing: music. It’s so crazy to see how some of these artist have grown over the years. To really witness an artist evolution from the gutter to the Grammys is nothing short of incredible, and inspiring. I’m always dwelling on how much I love to see people succeed, especially once they’re finally recognized for the beauty in their art..

I had to completely stop everything I was doing just now, literally mid sentence, to devote all my attention to KIMYE who just made their entrance on the red carpet! Yeezus, who is lookin’ dapper as ever, is so visually complimentary to his modern day Mariyln Monroe wifey, Kimmy K. I just have such an infatuation with them both individually and collectively! Talk all the shit you want to about Kim, she still looks better than you ever could and makes more money than you could ever imagine. That’s directed to the handful of Twitter haters constantly on my timeline bashing her. #LEAVEKIMALONE

Redirecting my focus, I can’t even begin to explain how envious I am of Giuliana Rancic and her career as an entrainment and fashion journalist. She is the definition of goals. She has my dream career. On top of being a breast cancer survivor, I admire her efforts to stay both consistent and fabulous in this broadcast journalism world. Four for you, Giuliana!

Well.. the show has started and Sam Smith has deservingly taken home the first award of the night. I’m gonna kick back with this Moscato and enjoy the show like I hope all of you are! Happy Sunday! Hope you enjoy Kanye’s performance as much as I’m about to. Don’t mind me, I’ll be over here going sick to whatever performance he puts together.

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