Shopping Woes

Whenever I check my BOA account and it’s more than I initially thought it was, a green light goes off in my head to start spending $ on every and anything. I literally swipe my debit card like I have endless racks, when in all actuality, I’m a broke college kid worktumblr_nho5mqdKLp1svg1poo1_500ing at Victoria’s Secret. Reality kicks in.

H&M is literally the death of me. I manage to always make it to the register with two arms full of strictly black clothes. How many pairs of black crop tops, jeans, joggers, dresses, and leather shorts do you honestly need in your closet? Do you honestly need those Been Trill joggers, OVO? Do you truly need to spend your last little bit of spending money on a Brooklyn Nets snapback? In hindsight? No. In the moment? Yes. On top of that, weeks will go by and I’ll literally come across brand new pieces like, “Oooooh I love this! When did I buy it?” All and all, it’s an issue. I need an intervention. Desperately.

You would think my constant shopping would mean I’m able to find clothes that fit me. WRONG. I have the worst possible body shape to shop for. Head to toe, everything from heels to jeans is the ultimate struggle. Upon initial glance, you’d think judging by my body type, it would be pretty simple for me to find the perfect fitting items. WRONG AGAIN.

Let me break down the misfortune that is my body.

  • I’m 5’9.The dimensions of my body aren’t necessarily proportional because my legs are longer than the Nile River. That’s an issue in itself because it’s a hassle just trying to find pants/jeans that are long enough. The bigger the size the longer the length. The bigger the size also means the wider the waist. While the larger sizes generally match the length of my legs, my butt is literally nonexistent because it’s waaaay to baggy around my waist and thighs. My weight also fluctuates so sometimes I have a fuller waist/hip area, depending on the season. If I ever come across perfect fitting jeans, I’m convinced it’s God’s work. The struggle is so real.
  • As far as my upper body is concerned, I’m pretty top heavy. I have DD’s so even when my intention isn’t to look provocative in a top, my cleavage always manages to do so. I’m used to it at this point though, it’s been like that since 8th grade. The length of my arms are long, just like my legs. So finding sleeves that fit correctly is a burden as well. Don’t question why I never took  basketball seriously. Yes, I know I would get hella rebounds. No, ball is not life.
  • Then theres my feet. I have big feet and hands because I’m a TALL girl. I hate holding hands with guys.. I’ll get into that on a later post though. My body is generally pretty slender. So I have skinny feet and baby ass heels that constantly slide in and out of my shoes. I can’t win even when it comes to shoes. I just ordered three new pairs of heels that were delivered yesterday and all of them are super loose around my ankle. I can’t win.

To all my girls out there with the same shopping woes, feel free to comment and suggest any shops, stores, or websites that cater to tall girls! In the meantime, I’ll be figuring out how to make a return on these heels I just purchased. *sigh*

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