Since You Picked Up I Know She’s Not Around..

I can only speak on what I know and what I see. That being said.. I really have to voice my opinion on two topics, and how one affects the other. Social media and relationships. To begin, I am probably the biggest advocate for social media. I’ll be the first person to post a selfie, tweet a thought, and even Snapchat while I’m in the club. I’m childish for that but when you catch 50 Cent at Finale, you can’t help but try and catch it on camera. Either way, social media can be a super effective way to communicate with others, spread awareness, and create an audience or demographic for every and anything.

In relation to relationshtumblr_nekzshRaKh1u2kssoo1_500ips and trust, it is extremely detrimental. Twitter direct message, IG direct message (which is STRANGE if you ask me.. stay OUT of my IG messages), Snapchat in itself is scandalous, and finally of course, just texting. On the outside looking in on certain situations, you can’t help but have trust issues in this day and age. #DrakeVoice

In any scenario I go into it’s either, “play or get played.” Which hasn’t always been the best approach because I’ve fucked my situation up with some really, really good guys. I’m not suggesting that those reading this have that same mindset but I believe us millennials have a tough time grasping the idea that someone else can have our best interest at heart, especially with so many avenues to get so easily distracted. To those of you in committed relationships, my hat goes off to you. Being twenty-something in the age of social media isn’t easy, how could it be when one is constantly worried about likes, favorites, and Snapchat best friends.

I’m not bashing one sex over the other, both are equally as guilty. All I am trying to shed light on is this: have the decency to not have your significant other in these streets looking foolish. If your intentions aren’t from a good place, just let it go. Do I sound bitter? Possibly. Probably. But I’m also aware and know that karma is real in these streets. Whatever dirt you do will come back around to you in full force. Be smart. Time is fleeting, you can’t get that shit back so don’t waste yours.

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