Dear NYC.

If you know me personally, imagine this entire open letter being read aloud in my voice. I think that’ll give you an idea of my current infatuation with New York City.

To: the city that never sleeps,

Let me preface this post by presenting the circumstances surrounding this past weekend: I had no plans of even making it to the tristate this weekend for the 2015 All-Star Weekend! Let me bring you guys back to my thought process around this time last week. After making it back home from the Sacred Heart/Mount St. Mary’s game last Thursday night, I was on a bit of a high that can only be induced by one thing: that OVO sound. Aubrey basically said fuck my blood  pressure and dropped an unannounced mix tape entitled, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” Let me tell you guys, I was skressssssssed searching for the first possible >working< avenue in which I could download the entire newly released track list. As I mentioned previously, I’m an honorary, self-proclaimed member of Drake’s OVO crew, (hence the name: OVOravey.)

untitledAnywaaaaays, after a highly opinionated, heated, back and forth discussion with myself and my thoughts; I decided to make an executive decision to pack my bags and get on the road as soon as the sun reared its head to rise. You guessed it, I did just that. Fast forward five hours later and I was waist deep in NY’s overly congested, #ASW hustle and bustle. I managed to spend the weekend out there enjoying the “ball is life” inspired, event-packed environment the boroughs had to offer. I was able to meet up and shoot the shit with some of my new/old friends I’ve managed to stay up with. One’s I knew would be in the city shuffling from event to event. Thankfully, I was able to get an in-person account of the Beats by Dre event Saturday afternoon and evening. Special shout out to the personalized Hennessy Privilige VSOP I received, courtesy of one of my good friends and admired Bad Boy OG.

Sunday I was able to indulge in some down south inspired cuisine at Jacob’s in Harlem. Soul food for the soul, for real. Collard greens. Baked mac. Rice and red beans. Fried Chicken. Candied yams. The works. Mind you, I’m wearing a crop top for the night and I was literally shoveling my food down, similar to the Spongebob episode when Squidward falls in love with krabby patties. From there, tummies fuller than ever, my partner in crime, Brit and I made our way to the Empire Hotel Rooftop Level R. An old friend of mine from high school daze had extended an invitation to a day party hosted by Justin Renfrow of the Seattle Seahawks. Huge shout out to Justin for welcoming us to his table. The overall event + environment was too dope. Thanks to our section, we had the rooftop goin’ up. Definitely a cherry on top of my #ASW.

Moving away, I’ve grown to truly admire the underly appreciated convenience of Fairfield County. I’m constantly adding to my increasing list of qualities I’ve grown to enjoy about the city. Recently, I’ve specifically become fond of the unparalleled media presence and overall pleasant pops of diversity among the city dwellers.The overall vibe+fashion/music culture alone is creatively unmatched. It’s the contrasting components that collectively contribute to the city’s particular make up; proving the notion that there’s no city in the world like it. I’m plotting on ways I’ll be able to come back, hopefully within the next couple of years.. for good.


Schemin’. Plottin’. Gettin’ money.

ps: Don’t even question my lack of commentary on the Kanye West/Adidas Fashion Show this past weekend. It’s Yeeezy Season. Anticipate a post dedicated to that alone + newly released music.

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