respect the curve

Two terms come to mind when I think of the most popular millennial colloquialisms over the past year or so: thirsty and curving. 

Both are kind of loaded words in my opinion, one definitely more than the other. Every compliment, like, comment, or favorite doesn’t necessarily categorize a man (or woman) as thirsty. Some of you females are quick to throw that label on someone. Sometimes it is well deserved. On the other hand, don’t make a guy feel like demonstrating acts of chivalry will label them a thirst bucket.

There’s a thin line between the two though. I’m big on recognizing hints and taking social cue’s in situations. Constantly not responding to someone’s direct message is a clear indicator that the interest is minimal, or even non-existent. I think it’s so funny when people read into read receipts and responding/not responding. It’s never worth getting your panties in a bunch over, trust me. At the moment I can guarantee you’ll be in your feelings, but on the grand scheme of thing it’s never worth sweating. 

I’m always getting yelled at for being a “bad texter” but honestly I think texting is so tedious and annoying unless I have something I need to communicate to someone. My phone is always in my hand but definitely not to text. I will honestly say though that if I’m feeling you, I’m definitely more inclined to respond more efficiently. That’s just the way it is for me, I can’t speak for other females. Never take a late response personal.

Anyways, people get curved everyday. It’s life. I feel like you can’t even take it personal at this point. I’m always arguing both sides when it comes to certain topics I discuss because I can speak on both the contrasting views; being the one who is doing the curving, and the one getting curved.

It sounds so ignorant53fab5167a7e560f7a48ef6f66125b9d4b3b1ef876c71fbc0157b95490718e9b breaking it down like there’s really levels to curving, but these ideas contribute to the relationships we look to form nowadays. I can even go into the entire idea of direct messaging alone. Even the idea of a woman pursuing a man. Is that something that is socially accptable or even respected? I can only speak on one situation where I’ve approached someone else first, it worked in my favor. (ok ravey) But, because of the way that type female is viewed, it’s definitely not something I’d want to make a habit of. Is taking the initiative and being aggressive too closely related to being thirsty? I swear there is a science to this shit. 

Not to even categorize these character qualities as solely male or female traits, both apply to each. I’ve seen the extreme of the two in both genders. These constantly tweeted about ideas of “thirst” and “curving” influence are behavior in the way we interact with others. Relationships, both platonic and not, are so heavily influenced by social media. If I make him my #MCM, is that doing too much? If I make her my #WCW, will people think she’s my girl? If I post this picture with him, does that make me look thirsty? If I have this conversation via Twitter, and his girlfriend is twatching, does she think I’m up scheming on her man? Will I look thirsty? Not by my own standards, but people tend to perceive the most harmless acts as the complete opposite. Despite what people may say, deep down individuals are conscious and mindful of how others perceive them. Whether they admit or not.

Now watch me get curved after posting this blog entry.

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