go ‘head, switch ya $tyle up

I always get extremely bored with my appearance. I’m always looking for a new piercing I can get, a new tattoo concept I can come up with, and different colors and styles I can try with my hair. I have 7 different tattoos, and 10 piercings in total. I’ll eventually post them. It may be a bit excessive but I love body art, of both forms, and weirdly think that piercings and tattoos just further add to the beauty of the human body. Kind of like a blank canvas to decorate. The human body is fucking beautiful but god forbid I discuss SUCH a taboo.

That entire introduction to basically say I’m completely bored with my hair again. I need a switch up. My usual inspiration? I’m heavily Kardashian influenced, mostly draw style inspiration from Kylie. I am absolutely obsessed with Heather Sander’s style. She is constantly switching up her hair color: green, blue, pink, purple, and even gray. The baddest bitch alive, Meagan Good, is also blonde right now! She’s always an inspiration. I want to be Meagan so bad, man. 

I’m a bit over the top with my appearance tumblr_n83wz7AOoy1rlkmb6o1_500sometimes. I love really bold and different hair styles + colors. I’m constantly thinking of ways I can switch it up. I love long, claw-like Kylie Jenner nails. I’m so deep in this acrylic game. I absolutely love wearing makeup (big false lashes, intense winged eyeliner, and I’ve been trying to experiment with lipliner a bit.). Don’t get it twisted though: I like wearing makeup, I don’t need to wear makeup. That is directed to the guys that constantly talk down to girls that choose to wear makeup. I don’t look good for you. I try to look good for myself. I feel better when I put effort into my exterior.. emphasis on I.

Side bar – I think with my skin complexion especially I have to be careful with what I choose to do with my appearance. If I choose to have blonde hair, wear hoops, and Timbs; that would be considered ratchet, or (and I hate this word) ghetto. If an (insert anything other than black) girl wore that, she’d be considered trendy. No shade, but thats the society we live in. Black culture is pop(ular) culture right now. I’ve even been told, “Not many black girls can pull off looking ghetto, but you do!” Also, “Well you don’t really have a ghetto face, so you can pull it off.”

If I wore bamboo earrings and got cornrows it wouldn’t the same as Khloe Kardashian rocking the look. If I wore a snapback and dyed my hair blue, it wouldn’t be viewed the same if Kylie Jenner sported it.

Not that any of this will stop me from dressing as I please but..  the fuck?

Elle Magazine put out a story glamorizing Timberlands boots. Apparently, they have surfaced as some sort of new fashion trend. Even Kris Jenner is in these streets wearing Timbs. Suddenly, Timbs are something, according to this write-up, “all the cool girls will be wearing”. Plastered alongside this article are pictures of Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, and of course; Kim Kardashian in Timberland boots.

The point here is, Timbs have always been relevant. Trends descendent from our world have exploded into mainstream culture.

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