creative chaos

I want to start off by saying that I am so incredibly appreciative and moved by the amount of love, support, and positive feedback I’ve received since I began writing on Everything Ravey. I still get super anxious when it’s time for me to hit send, especially on something I put my all into.. emotionally and creatively. While constructive criticism is always welcomed too, I appreciate all the uplifting words I’ve received over the past couple months. Thank you.

Speaking of, I’m glad I have this blog to sort of release any type of energy and channel it into these posts. I think whatever is happening in my life tends to impact my responses in what I believe to be, a beneficial way. Before this I definitely did manually write down a lot of thoughts, phrases, and ideas but it’s entirely different when you have an audience when it comes to sharing points of vulnerability. The one thing about writing from a entirely raw position is that your readers will get the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whatever ideas I stream from my consciousness should ultimately allow the reader to, in some way, connect with that perspective.

tumblr_nd1t92oOPW1re74bjo1_1280I think that’s what drives me most to continue to pursue writing. The thought of others hearing my voice is what motivates me to continue ranting, writing, and posting. My main obligation is to get the reader to take something positive away from what I wrote; something that will influence them or get them thinking in a way they may have never before. Or, at least have some sort of relatable nature to their perspective lives. I think it’s specifically key to work creatively with an absence of judgment. That’s the only way something like this will be successful.

If I choose to reveal my most raw self to my readers, I can only do that successfully without considering the opinions of others. Letting people into your creative space is valuable, but if done incorrectly can be detrimental to your work. Be open to criticism but only when you can sense it’s coming from a genuine place.

I think you really immerse yourself into something you love when it doesn’t seem like a task to you. You don’t even think twice about going to do whatever it may be because it’s all you ever want to do. If I could, I would do this for hours. Part of me wishes I could get that same motivation and direct to other aspects of my life. It does inspire me though seeing a person pursue something they’re passionate about, especially when it provides them a certain sense of wholeness, and happiness.

That sense of completion you can’t really get from anywhere else. Like when you meet someone who really considers ball to be life, the satisfaction they get from being on the court. Like seeing a musician generate an entirely new body of work and seeing their reaction to that piece of art.

Being passionate brings purpose. My thoughts are kind of crazy today. This was my best attempt to take it from my thoughts to your eyes.

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