amazon jawn

I jokingly posted a picture on my personal IG a couple weeks ago poking fun at my height.

“Females be 5’11 talking a201208631bout take me out to dinner later.. man, if you don’t set this pick, we down by 3 points.”

I’ve been very vocal over the years about how much I used to haaaate my height. Not until recently have I learned to embrace it. I’ve surprisingly even grown to love it. Before we get to talking about sports.. no, ball is not (..and has never been) life. Yes, I know I would’ve gotten hella rebounds. I played basketball when I was younger up until my freshmen year at King where I was more concerned with rolling up my shorts than what was happening in the actual game. To be honest, one of my biggest regrets is choosing not to play college volleyball. I miss it erryday.

I always tried to refrain from wearing heels. I’m already 5’9 so even 5-inch heels would make me 6’2. 6’2 bruh! You guys want to know what kind of guys usually approach me? 6’0 and under. Ironically, I have friends who are so mini, barely reaching 5’5 who end up dating guys who are 6’3 and over! I can’t win, man. I think it takes a special kind of confidence to be in a relationship where the man is shorter than the woman. I don’t think I’m quite their yet though.

In terms of body image and self-esteem all that matter is how you feel on the inside. Positive reflection and acknowledgment on the inside will reflect on the outside. Finding the perfection of what you may see as an imperfection. Shout out to my big brother, Mike, for always making me feel comfortable and confident in myself, specifically my height. If it wasn’t for him I’d still be wearing flats everywhere and slouching my shoulders. Even if you’re the tallest chick in the club, which I usually am, be confident with it. I’m far from a model but sometimes you gotta walk with the confidence of one.

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