you ain’t got the juice like that

Aubrey has me in my feelings this morning. Crazy, right?. Too early for this shit. You would think his lyrics only apply to dudes but I’m over here contemplating life like, “Maybe I need someone from Kentucky, to make me feel lucky? Someone to trust me? Someone to..” Like no OVO.. pull it together. Turn off this Drizzy before you go texting someone you have no business texting.

On serious note though, Drak??????????????????e is forever taking heat for exposing the rawest facets of his emotions in his music. Is he really as soft as people presume him to be if he’s speaking on feelings and emotions that all of us have felt or experienced at least once in our life? While his life style differs from the average joe, Drake really speaks on some real shit that we’re all dealing with. Trying to find someone real. Dealing with exes. Curving the lames. Exposing the fakes. Being single. Being taken. Being open. He talks about it all. 

I have to admit, it is refreshing to imagine that dudes really do feel these same sentiments about certain females. That not all of them are who they present themselves to be. That maybe, despite what they may say, it’s really not all about fucking bitches and getting money. I’ll be the first to say, I never think guys have good intentions. I don’t think ya’ll can be monogamous. Even Drake says, “I’m still a K9 at heart.” Like ok. That doesn’t help your case, fellas.  I’m always arguing with my brothers and cousins about this and their response always remains the same: “stop being bitter, Ray!” I immediately go into defense mode but at the end of the day, I’ve come to terms with the idea that I still may feel a certain way about things that have happened in the past, in addition to what I’ve seen over the years. Whatever. Time heals all, right?

Company especially has been on repeat for me. The line: “someone that’s so proud to be with me, she walk right up to her ex, look ’em dead in the face & say, you ain’t got the juice like that..” Like bruh, if a dude did that for me for real he could have it ALL. Stop putting these false sense of relationships in my head, Aubrey! I’m over you. (not really, though) Back to this album though.. 

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