The Booty Blog.

Unless you live under a rock, it’s been pretty impossible to ignore America’s ass obsession. Correction.. *BIG ass obsession over the past few years.

Amber Rose. Nicki Minaj. Kim Kardashian. Khloe Kardashian. Jennifer Lopez. Iggy Azalea. These are just a few females I can think of from the top of my head who constantly have their behinds in the media. Paparazzi constantly snapping pictures of their a$$s rocking the latest fashion trends. Have we as a society always been so obsessed with big booties? To my knowledge, pop culture as a whole has only really looked favorably on tiny body frames and minimal curves.

rs_600x600-150117145314-600.AmberRose2-jmd-011715Butt augmentation surgery, which is a procedure that enhances one’s buttocks area, has become increasingly popular in recent years especially. Fab has even suggested he knows: “how a winter gut turns into a summer butt.” Basically. Ya’ll are not low. We know that quick trip to the DR is not just a relaxing getaway. Even recently, we’ve seen the dramatic transformation of Khloe Kardashian from mediocre cheeks to bootylicious goddess.

I’ve always been so jealous of women with curves, coming from the itty bitty booty community. I’ve always been big on girls embracing their curves over starving themselves to be (unrealistically) rail thin. My question is this: when did mainstream culture become so obsessed with cheeks?.

Even everyday women like myself are trying new ways to enhance their bottoms to resemble the behinds of these booty obsessed celebrities, including methods like waist training. Obviously to each her own, but I don’t think a temporary craze is worth some of the health risks associated with booty enhancement surgeries. I always wondered, if given the opportunity, would I change something physically about myself. Essentially indulge in a little nip/tuck action of my own.

I guess in many circumstances it boils down to your livelihood. Sometimes that bigger booty may give you that role or position, you want. Especially in places such as LA and NY, your exterior is often times the post important thing. Essentially trying to mold and critique your body to its utmost perfected state.

When you really think about it, it’s so bizarre to me that we have the tools to construct our bodies to be any way we want it to be. I’m definitely not here to knock anyone who would be willing to get butt enhancement surgery, shit.. I’ve mentioned it once or twice myself. It’s just really fascinating how something that was so relevant and popular in my culture has finally crossed over to the masses. Mainstream. Sounds familiar, huh?

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