I always blog when I feel I have something to express. I’ll write when I feel it isn’t forced. Of late, that seems to only be between 12 – 3 AM. Why? I have no idea. I’ll take it, though. Like I’ve mentioned previously, my thoughts are forever racing at night so I guess this is when I take the time to reflect. Just my music, my thoughts, and myself. This is the time I have the most to say. 

Memories possess so much tumblr_nk8cv85a2K1sw0e4co1_500power over our psyche. They’re so easily triggered by our senses. Sight. Smell. Sound. Taste.Touch. Something about music especially brings back the most vivid memories. Play a song that has specific thought, feeling, or person attached to it and it’ll instantly bring you back. It’s bittersweet. Memories can be a constant reminder of something we once loved, something we were so attached to, that we no longer have. Mental pictures we can’t quite erase.No matter how badly we’d like to drag them to the trash. Life needs an empty trash button.

Even in relationships, people can sometimes end up being more in love with the memories than the actual  person. I can only speak on my own experiences as always, but I truly believe memories can be unintentionally misleading. Convincing people that they can once again regain what’s happened in the past. It’s a shitty concept. No matter how much one may dwell on an experience, it’ll never quite be what it was in that exact moment. Those snapshots aren’t meant to direct us moving forward, they’re just reminders of where we’ve been. Mental pictures that should remain exactly that. Mental pictures.

The good thing about our pasts is that they help us better navigate our future. If it wasn’t a blessing it was most certainly a lesson. Thats what I’ve grown to realize. Take something positive out of a negative situation. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. I guess you can say I got a bit nostalgic tonight. Just have to remind myself that what’s coming is so much better than what’s gone. 

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