Dear Summer..

Call it what it is, I’ve been slacking OD on here. I went home for spring break two Fridays ago thinking I was about to be super productive and interview some people from the 203. Mannnnn, I got home and was literally on the run all week. Spending time and catching up with the homies is just love in every sense of the world. A 30 rack and your best friends.. what’s better?

I mention all of this to exclaim that I am SO ready for this semester to be over. I need some summer lovin’. Something about warm weather, Blue Moon, and my close friends are collectively the epitome of good vibes. No worries = Good feelz. I can pretty much make the generalization that I myself am so much happier when the weather is perfect and the sun is beating 10375957_10152439862281672_6376054992665313901_non my skin. Something about the 203, in the summer especially, just says: “good vibes only.” I’m usually the first to shit on Connecticut but at the end of the day, thats home. Being away has allowed me to finally recognize that.

I feel like home is never just a place though. It can be a person, or a feeling. You know what I mean? Liiiiiiiike, something special that just makes you feel super comfortable.

I’m just kind of ranting with no rhythm or reason because I know I just need to post something after not writing for an entire week! Anyways.. last summer was a bit messy. (laughing out loud at myself & my shenanigans). On the bright side, I applied to my first undergraduate collegiate internship this month so I’m hoping I’ll be busy with that for the few short summer months. Keep working. 

I’m listening to fuck up some commas while writing this so I’m just gonna end it here because I’m completely distracted. It’s also 70 degrees down here and sunny and I’m loooooooving life. Until next time, ya’ll. 

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