open letter

This week I’ve really had to step aside, take a minute, and remind myself to breathe. Inhale, exhale. It’s been one of those daze where I need to remind myself that everything is under control. I’ll never be embarrassed to admit that I have to sometimes convince myself that “I got this!” When you don’t get that reassurance from someone else, you have to be strong enough to do it for yourself. Motivate yourself. Reassure yourself. Because ultimately, as I’ve mentioned countless times on this blog, nobody’s got me like I got me. 

I’m a conscious believer in ttumblr_lhf2dkOLlo1qgo4jko1_500he simplistic idea that [ you get what you give. ] This whole cycle, this idea of karma, essentially translates to the idea that good things happen to good people. When one chooses to put bad energy out into the universe, it inevitably comes right back to them, sort of like a boomerang. I try to move forward in life with the idea that I need to be a reflection of the energy that I want to illuminate my own life. Keyword: TRY. 

I move forward with the notion that karma, in all it’s glory, really does have the capability to influence the realities of our lives. That being said… I shouldn’t be upset when the thread that makes up my life begins to unravel and get a little frayed, right? I’ve been working towards becoming an overall more honest individual. Ultimately, you can’t be real with others until you’re real with yourself. That means: 1. Taking responsibility for all of the actions in your life (this includes any wrong doings) 2. Resist the urge to blame others for your own misfortunes, woes, & circumstances. 3. Realize that you can sometimes be your own worst enemy. 4. Understand that you have to stop getting in the way of your own progress. Stop letting you stop you. 

In many ways, this blog is an open letter to myself. While I’ve decided to publish my thoughts publicly in hopes that my audience can read and relate, writing and reflecting has ultimately allowed me to build and rebuild the blocks that make up my own morals, ideals, understandings, beliefs, and life.

Critique and work on eliminating your weaknesses.

Build on your strengths and allow them to work as a vehicle of positively in your life.

As always, just keep swimming. 

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