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I feel guilty for not being as consistent with my writing as I previously was. My schedule has been a little more hectic these past couple weeks. I decided to pick up a second job serving at the dopest, hole in the wall, New Orleans style restaurant. The atmosphere is super laid back and the people I’ve met while working are some of the chillest people I’ve met since I’ve been down here. Since it’s cajun-styled cuisine, the menu is absolutely unreal. Jambalaya. Fried catfish. Gumbo. Beignets. Hurricanes. All the weight I was hoping to gain before the summer commenced is about to be a bit stagnant. Pray for me.

While I am truly blessed to be able to admit that I’ve had a pretty privileged life over the past 21 years, I’ve come to the realize both the importance, need, and ironically burdening aspect that goes along with making and saving money. I’ll never be ashamed to admit that yes, my parents still do fund the majority of my financial needs. I’ve been living in a three bedroom townhouse, rent free, for the past three months. That’s all accredited to the helpfulness and love of my family. Everyday I wake up thankful with the life God has given me. While my life is nowhere near perfect, I make the conscious effort to choose to look towards the positivity that is prevalent in my life.

tumblr_nktvp53IUz1sthjo3o1_1280After all, happiness really is a choice. You have to wake up with the understanding that you have control over the energy you allow to illuminate your life. That’s something I had to learn, though. Constantly reminding myself to ignore any outside, opposing forces. Fuck all the negative noise. Focus on the factors that fundamentally fuel my (mind body & soul.) Take the time and effort devoted to bitching and moaning, and flip that into something productive. Do you realize how much time is wasted by complaining alone? Just do it. Whatever it may be. It’s only been within recent months that I’ve become big on making ME a priority. I’ve been in places where I’ve put others before myself and I made a promise to never let that happen again. The whole idea that, “I love someone enough to put them before me/My happiness stems from making this person happy” is foolish. Fuck that. Always do it for you. Sometimes it pays to be selfish.

When I don’t write for awhile my thoughts tend to build up a bit. Although I haven’t posted everyday, the message and goal always remains the same. As always, I’m thankful for those who continue to support this. That’s love. Happy Sunday!

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