The How To Guide To Riding Your Own Wave

I had to speak on Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.33.34 AMsomething I’ve been noticing a lot, especially lately. The whole lack of originality in people as an entirety. Maybe I should just make this a PSA directed towards those who are out here copy and pasting people’s style.The one’s that attempt to replicate others and fail miserably. I 100% see the truth in the statement, “often replicated, never duplicated.” (shout out Loso) On a serious note, when did people become so unoriginal in the way in which they present themselves? Being a follower is corny. Trying to be something you’re not is corny. People say imitation is the best form of flattery but there’s a point where one needs to acknowledge that being confident in what sets them apart is so much more appealing. Don’t be a fan. Originality is attractive. No one wants someone that’s like everyone else. So this post is a how to guide to riding your own wave. *insert sunglasses Emoji*

  1. I never want to tell someone how they can be “them”, but I think being secure and confident in your skin definitely goes a long way. When you come across people who are truly confident in themselves, you can’t help but recognize how that energy just beams off of them. Confident, not cocky. Everyone has insecurities but it’s a matter embracing the perfection of your imperfections.
  2. Don’t be afraid to do something different and think outside of the box. I always try to think differently, especially in terms of my own personal style. People may comment and stare, shit even my mom looks at me cross-eyed sometimes like, “why are you dressed like that?” Do what you want. Wear what you want. Whether it’s good or bad acknowledgement, people are still taking notice, right?
  3. When people are critical and judgmental of anything about you, don’t let it defer you from staying original. Don’t give others the opportunity to shape you. At the end of the day, you have the ultimate control over yourself.
  4. Never switch up in front of different people. Never change certain aspects about yourself to try to get attention, even if it’s someone you have heart eyes for. Either they accept you as you are, or they miss out on a dope ass individual. They want you to switch up certain things about yourself? Hit ’em with the goodnight and God bless and keep it pushing. 
  5. I mentioned in my first paragraph that originality is attractive. Nothing is more attractive to me than a guy that does his own thing. Not influenced by his boys. Not trying to front like he’s something he’s not. Just 100% authentic. Something is so intriguing about someone who sets themselves separate from the crowd.

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