April tumblr_nmfevozrgl1sl9yjso1_540continues to be one of the toughest months out of the year. It’s like the last real month of school before finals take over + summer vacation begins. I use the term vacation loosely because my summer will likely be just as busy, if not busier, than this current spring semester. Busy is good. Always. That sun comes out and the temp starts heatin’ up and people (aka ME) suddenly lose all sight of their priorities and don’t know how to act.

Every morning feels like Monday morning. I wake up calculating my funds like, “If I drop this mixtape now, I could make…” Coffee doesn’t even do the job anymore. I’m completely on E, and everyday I have to still remind myself that it’s all going to pay off. My mom always uses the term, “running on fumes.” If I had to update the Facebook status of my life, the caption would read exactly that. Running on fumes. This heavy rotation of school and work ultimately contribute to the end goal. I figure that establishing the base and foundation for anything at all is always the most difficult. The same idea can be applied when trying to build a career + plan the rest of your life. I always have to make it clear to myself, and others who may need to hear it: you do not need to have it have it all figured out right now. That’s the misconception.

Here I am in my twenties *attempting to* (build, tweak, create, construct) the foundation for the rest of my life. Shit’s crazy. You really can’t run from growing up. I absolutely love the life I live at 21 years old but it’s pretty unreal to think that I’ve made this automatic, unavoidable transition to adulthood on my most recent birthday.

With adult responsibilities comes adult f u n.*sly guy emoji* In the past month I’ve booked two vacations: Miami and Puerto Rico because fuck it! I want to drink Coronas with lime on the beach in my bikini dancing to French. Word hard, play hard.

Just like every other day, I have to pull motivation from somewhere to get me through those 24 hours. #TGIF

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