tumblr_nn86wpZOOu1qbzzfno1_1280Let me premise this post with the fact that I honestly cannot tell you who 40% of the people on my Facebook news feed are. While I continue to find myself puzzled in terms of why I even continue to refresh my FB feed, I’m so infatuated with the not-so hidden gem that is the Humans of New York page!

Humans of New York is a catalog of some of NYC’s most misunderstood, eclectic, authentic, insightful, and hilarious inhabitants. Each image that is photographed and published by HONY’s creator Brandon Stanton, is accompanied by an excerpt directly from the photographed person, or people. HONY gives it’s audience some insight on the reality of thousands. Working class parents, recovering drug addicts, confused college goers, and eccentric city dwellers collectively make HONY so unpredictable, but seemingly so relatable.

Here are my top 5 favorite HONY quotes:

  1. “My ex-husband left me on the same day that my sister was killed. That day began a twelve-year spiritual journey for me. I became a tantra teacher, I joined the Peace Corps, I did a bunch of energy work, and now I run a goddess circle. I try to help women release their inner goddess. I believe that if you become more conscious, you’ll be more connected. And if you become more connected, you’ll be more loved. Because we’re all beautiful little stars. I know, I know… I’m such a hippie.”
  2. “I’m terrible at journaling. But I do it anyway, because I think that maybe one day I’ll write something that I didn’t know before, and suddenly it will all make sense.”
  3. “My family doesn’t like my appearance. They ask me why I can’t look normal.”
    “What do you wish they would say?”
    “You can dress however you want, because of the person you are.”
  4. “I’d like to give back one day, but I’m being self-centered at the moment. Because that’s what it takes to succeed.”
  5. “I’m trying to find a way to be happy without being the best.”

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