Every post I write, I’m sure to always include accompanying media that somehow reinforces whatever I decide to discuss that day. I wish I could post my actual face on this screen so you guys can get an accurate interpretation of how I’m really feeling this morning. I literally woke up like, “wtf is good with everyone?”

I was just reflecting how long some of my friendships have lasted. I’m so thankful for those individuals in my life who remain to be loyal, consistent, and unconditionally loving.. throughout it all. I’ve definitely grown incredibly grateful for the loving energies I’ve welcomed into my life. To my homegirls: your effort and overall heart never goes unnoticed.

I always heard that people meet their best friends in college. I never truly had a traditional college experience. I mean I’ve been a commuter for the past two years and I’ve even blogged about how often I choose to kind of stick to myself. You always hear people tweet, write, rap an idea along the lines of: “keeping their circle tight.” The whole dynamic of making friends at this age is so skewed. I don’t know.. I guess it’s significant to just keep your mind on what matters.unnamed

Be about you. Also be about your business. Stack your money, focus on your goals, and minimize the bullshit.

You meet a lot of temporary people in your twenties. If I learned anything these past few years, it’s this:

  1. People come and go. You can’t force anyone to be apart of your life if they’re not willing. People make time for what they want to make time for. Simply put.
  2. Understand that not everyone has your best interests at heart. Keep everything in perspective.
  3. Question the intentions!!!!!!!! Sometimes people only see what you’re capable of doing for them for their own benefit. Snakes in the grass.
  4. Keep some, tell some.

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