I’mtumblr_nn97ghs6sG1qz7t0xo1_1280 so bored. I literally cannot wait to start working. I got hired for a receptionist position at a marketing corporation here in Norwalk. I’ll also be working at Bobby V’s this summer! So be sure to come check ya girl & keep those tips flowing. JK. Except not at all. That, in addition to my Viewing.NYC internship, should keep me super busy the next couple months. I’ve had so much time to just chill and bullshit but now the idle time is driving me a little crazy. I’m starting to remember why I complained about being home so much..

Not to start this post on a negative note, but I’m just in one of those “blah” moods. I hate feeling like a situation is too comfortable. Maybe comfort is the wrong choice of words.. maybe, monotonous? Repetitive. Dull. Boring. Then again, there’s organization and clarity that comes with having a specific routine. That can be dangerous when there’s so much you want to do, and experience. I’m all over the place with my thoughts so this probably sounds so crazy. 

When I ask those older than me what age they wish they could stay forever, the general consensus is in the 30s range. Which is dope because I feel like we as millennials have so much to look forward to. I was just talking to my baby cousin today about how fast time flies. It’s wild to see people literally making the transition from young and reckless to established adults with careers. I’m just here craving empanadas and scrolling through my IG feed. The concept of adulthood is scary as fuck. When you’re young, I feel as though you have a certain outlook on life that’s both refreshing, optimistic, and youthful.. but still a bit naive and curious. I never want growing up to diminish that spirit.

That’s the motion, though. Time waits for no man. 

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