You evetumblr_nmt45suBl71u8zlgwo1_1280r wonder how people get to where they’re at?

Like, of course hard work, consistency, dedication; each of these factors plays a role in the part in which one can control. Keyword: can. But, what about the other aspects that contribute to why things are the way they are. Is it a higher power? Karma? Luck? How is it that some people have these bomb ass situations that are ultimately their lives?

Am I trippin’, or at some point does the universe just play a role in the way your life is supposed to end up? Has the story of my life already been written? Predetermined? What kind of outside energy helps navigate the route of my prospective life? If I travel this world putting nothing but good into it, can I be sure that it’ll come right back to me.. like a boomerang? What can I control to ensure that positivity will just flourish my life entirely?

When I was younger, I would literally always think to myself how I might look when I’m 21? What will I be doing? Will I be happy? Will I be in a relationship? 8 year old me was definitely wondering, and a bit concerned, whether I would ever get boobs. All of these what if’s from way back when I finally have the answers to now. Which is completely terrifying. Just truly internalizing the way time works and how it waits for no one.

I applied to be apart of this event, Cosmopolitan Reader Night. Essentially, it’s a night dedicated to engaging with not only other Cosmo readers, but some of the editors as well. When I was emailing back and forth with one of the senior editors, she asked me what is something that’s been on my mind lately. I responded: “I just turned 21 so I’ve been dedicating much of my time towards trying to create my own brand and enhancing my writing skills. I often blog about how these years are such a transitional period for those my age. Making the transition into adulthood has definitely been on my mind lately.”

Especially with the number of just young, talented 20 somethings I’ve been surrounded by lately, it has inspired me to combine my energy and ideas and mold them in a way that that’s productive, and promotes self growth. Taking the time and effort to pursue your dreams and ultimately be content with the finished product. Constantly evolving. Constantly finding a new way. 

The bottomline is this: continue to control what you can while simultaneously putting that positive energy into the universe for it to come right back to ya. 

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