red wine over fed time

This has hotumblr_nnc6scVHOS1rotpqmo1_500nestly been one of my first nights in since I’ve been back. Ok.. that sounds a bit dramatic. Maybe not my first night in, but I haven’t had a single low-key day like this in a minute and it’s honestly so refreshing. What am I doing currently? It’s 11:30 PM and I’m sipping on some Cabernet Sauvignon while simultaneously watching the pilot episode of Hart of Dixie. Don’t even ask me why I chose to start this series but I’m LOVING it right now. If you haven’t already realized, I’m probably the corniest person you’ll ever meet. Literally though, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a cornball. So is life.

Ever since my legitimate emotional attachment to Sons of Anarchy (mainly Jax Teller), I’ve been a bit hesitant picking a brand new series to obsess over. I can ultimately say that bae is (more or less) Netflix. Netflix will have to be bae until I find a real life Jax Teller.. or Swaggy P. Maybe even a cross between a dude with moves like OBJ and someone good with their wordplay like Loso? All in all, it’s slow.

I really want to watch Sex and the City in it’s entirety! From start to finish. It’s just like.. let me live vicariously through you, Carrie Bradshaw. Young, single female living in NYC making enough money as a newspaper columnist to live independently in an apartment in Manhattan’s West Village. Less than idealistic, but somewhat realistic enough to picture my life working out that way. Real enough to imagine but not close enough to actually achieve. Alright, let me not implement negative energy here. What’s that saying? The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams? Yeah.. lets go with that.

Ok, let me not bore you guys with the humdrum details of my less than exciting personal life. I wish I had something exciting to share with you guys but, as always, it’s just me and my nonstop stream of thoughts. Maybe my IG is a liar and I’m really not as exciting as I seem.

Kylie, my obsession, tweeted something that needs to be plastered on a billboard.. on every corner.. in the United States.

“Instagram is a made up world. I just show people what I want ’em to see. Doesn’t everybody?”

Are you living on a double life on these social networks or just simply giving your followers a minor glimpse of what your prospective reality really is? 

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