ode to claw$

unnamed“I love long nails, they give me energy.” – KhloeKardashian

This post is dedicated to my overwhelming obsession and infatuation with nails!

If you know me at all, you know that I stay in the nail salon. Like every single week. It’s to the point that even a broken nail just gives me the absolute worst anxiety. I should probably just have my paycheck made out to my nail technician.

My mom can be to blame (or applauded), for teaching me to always have a manicure + pedicure. Even when you can’t make it to the salon, always just keep your hands and feet manicured. I feel like as a woman, it’s your responsibility to stay on top of it. What’s worst than chipped, broken, raggedy nails? I can’t think of anything. Especially since it’s summertime! Tragic nails are enough to ruin your entire look. #OH #DONT #DO #IT #omg


  • Pick a shape (oval, rounded, square, coffin, or stiletto) that compliments the shape and structure of your hands.
  • In terms of extensions, I recently transitioned from acrylic tips to UV gel. I absolutely love my new set! I’ve had my current nails for two weeks and haven’t broken one. Look at God. 
  • Make the choice between regular polish or gel color! While regular polish is sometimes more feasible, gel color has the best finish and lasts forever. Can’t really go wrong.
  • My go-to color is always BLACK. I feel like you can never go wrong with  a deep, shiny black! Wicked by Essie is also a close second. I also try to keep in mind which nail colors might compliment my skin tone. I’ve been favoring more pastel colors: a soft pink, periwinkle, baby blue. Neutral and light.
  • When I need nail inspiration, I always refer to King Kylie. Her claws are just A1 at any given day of the week. I’ve been wanting to try Laque Nail Bar in Hollywood for the LONGEST. Their IG page is everything. If you love nails as much as I do, definitely follow their page for ideas and inspiration.

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