tumblr_njt449RaCw1u61phio1_1280Hey ya’ll.

Here’s a Monday testimonial dedicated to all things summer.. with a dash of miscellaneous rantings.

Actually, let me take that back. I’m not going to narrow the content of this post down to anything in particular because I feel I’ve been a bit underexposed for a blog that has the word “everything” in the title. My posts are supposed to be from my thoughts to your screen, entirely uncensored. Quite frankly, I think my past few posts, with the exception of feature pieces, have been more or less, dull.

That being said.. where should I begin?

I’ve always expanded on the idea that the simple act of writing, no matter the type of forum, is in so many ways liberating.. therapeutic to say the least. But, is that idea not so much true when you’re writing on a public forum and your overly mindful of what you chose to share? Therefore, censoring your inner most thoughts and feelings and publishing an entirely skewed piece that’s a watered down version of your true words? Is my blog not so much conducive to the type of writing of been trying to achieve all along?

These are the conversations I have with myself like a weirdo. 

I guess right this second is the perfect time to interject a couple thangs that have been on my mind.

  1. You know what I’ve noticed, you’ve got to stop giving certain people and situations expectations. I’m trying to put this as vaguely as I possibly can. What I’m more or less trying to explain, is this: expectations lead to disappoints every single time. 
  2. I’ve always knew this in the back of my mind but it’s easy to lose sight of the idea that you shouldn’t be so easily flattered. Us as females shouldn’t be so easily flattered. Attention doesn’t always translate to admiration, or even respect. That’s something I’ve come to realize more recently. That concept alone should be instilled in females everywhere. “You’ve got to overvalue yourself sometimes. Know your worth and add taxes to it. 
  3. Perception is everything. I’m going to leave that one at that.
  4. Just because you’re a bad bitch doesn’t mean he (whoever he might be) is going to choose you. Being pretty don’t always cut it.
  5. Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. Cliche, but undeniably one of the best mottos you can follow.
  6. Don’t stress yourself out over [would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.] That shit will leave you in a never-ending cycle of anxiety.
  7. Side bar for my readers: it’s always a good idea to buy more camo clothing. 

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