camo & chaos

tumblr_mu8e9zXGVy1qcvddyo1_500I’m forcing myself to sit down and write right now. I actually just got my deck redone so I’m trying to take advantage of my backyard more. I’m literally sitting here in black leggings like its not pushing 90 degrees today. Bugginnnnnnn.

I’ve been meaning to get a new post in within the past few days focusing more on my own personal style. I’ve had countless posts dedicated to my absolute infatuation with Kylie and the different facets of her overall image. Lately, people have been asking me about my wardrobe, wondering where I find my clothes, and just generally approaching me more frequently about my style; especially within the past month or so.

So here is my attempt to breakdown my own style:

  • To kind of start it off, I never grew up with sisters. The only other female in the house was Yvonne Sr. I feel like as a young girl growing up you always want to model or mold your dress around those you look up to. I always looked up to my brothers and besides just fashion alone, I think I do certain things and move the way I do due to the fact that I’ve always grown up around boys. While I wasn’t always trying to duplicate their looks identically, certain aspects of their style I just kind of picked up on.
  • Fast forward through the years of the unnecessary abundance of Forever21 trash and Chinese slippers, I kind of started coming into my own personal style after graduating from high school. After close to a decade long of polos and plaid kilts, I was ready to kind do something different with my look. I always mention how bored I get with my image. That explains the number of piercings and tattoos I’ve gotten, in addition to how frequently I change my nails and hair. That may have something to do with my unhealthy habit of indecisiveness but thats a topic for a different day.
  • If I had to choose like consistent, signature pieces of my style I think I would pick the following: long nails, camouflage, denim (distressed), fitted/snapback/buckets, and Adidas. Without putting a title on my look or trying to put it in a box; I would say that my own personal style just comes down to wearing what you like and having fun with it. I think it’s so dope when someone can put together a look and then proceed to go out and not look like anyone surrounding them. Stop trying to be a duplicate of all these girls (or guys) that refuse to exercise the individuality of their potential style. “Forget the rules, if you like it wear it.”

In a moment where people are overly obsessed with labels, I often times tend to think of the idea that: “fashion is temporary, style is forever.”

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