cruel summer

largeI’M SO FRUSTRATED! I have been having such writer’s block and I’ve been trying to draw inspiration from every and any part of my life. It’s literally the most aggravating thing wanting to write and wanting to post but lacking a topic / theme / idea. Of course there’s a million things I can research & inform my readers about. To be completely honest, if I don’t feel the slightest bit passionate about a topic, I’m just not going to submerge myself in the idea if I’m not feeling it. Straight like that. 

I guess I always used my blog for realization and reflection. Talking about the bullshit, the mistakes, the antics that are most times unwanted, but on that same hand avoidable. I’m constantly going about my twenties trying to find that happy medium, ya know? That balance between understanding right from wrong while simultaneously being able to exercise good judgement. It’s one thing to make mistakes but you’re only hindering yourself further if you’re not even taking just the slightest bit from it, flipping it in a beneficial manner, and learning from those actions. You can’t be butt hurt when you keep doing the same shit and continue to get the same results. 

On the other hand, I’m always preaching about being mindful and cautious of, not only people, but the energies you mindfully (& sometimes not so mindfully) select to influence, impact, and eliminate your life. My baby, Morgan, kind of ignited this revelation for me yesterday. She’s the perfect example of the type of energy you should allow in your life. Without broadcasting our entire conversation word for word, she just reminded me that your time and energy isn’t disposable. You can’t wait around for people to recognize the light you bring into the world. When a person doesn’t choose to see the good in you, it’s not your responsibility to wait around for them to. Time invested in a relationship, platonic or not, should not be squandered on waiting for someone to accept your entire being; good and bad. No matter how infatuated you might be. You’re an option? Keep it pushin’. You don’t owe anyone, anything. Remember that. (note to self)

You live and you learn from every single thing in your life with the constant reminder that if it’s not a blessing it’s damn sure a lesson.

Keep it pushin’ ladies (and fellas, to the men reading my posts). I’m here to always remind you not to trip over what’s behind you.

Happy Tuesday!

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