4 Ways To Feed Your Soul (on a Monday)

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.53.21 PMA lot of the content I decide to create and post on my blog, in most cases, are ways for me to learn from my own words. I never want it to be perceived that I’m talking down on this audience from a pedestal. Never want you guys to think I don’t practice what I preach. Many of the idea’s I put to paper help me grow, personally. I’m learning from my own voice, too. I created four different points that I’ve discovered to be definite food for your soul. I’ve been trying to take advantage of my journal more often, as well. It’s a different type of template and I’m really learning to love it.

  1. Commit to a theme, idea, or action; even if it’s just for the week. Pick a single component to focus on and apply to different aspects of your life. It could be something as big as committing to being more kind, understanding, or forgiving. It can be something as simplistic as committing to drinking more water, or in my case, making a daily attempt to journal. Make an honest effort to keep it consistent, especially if you’re noticing positive results.
  2. Cut-off any bullshit that’s clouding your life in a negative manner. This particular step should be customized towards your prospective life. Obviously, what might me detrimental to my life wouldn’t necessarily apply to my neighbor. It’s also not necessary to broadcast when you’re cutting something, or someone off. It doesn’t need an announcement. Something in your life isn’t helping you grow? React accordingly.
  3. Cultivate a music playlist of strictly feel good music. This step is one of my favorites to be completely honest. I always say Fab’s Soul Tapes were created to feed your soul. All three tapes, but specifically the first one. Lately, this step has been strictly Kehlani for me. Her Soundcloud is honestly played from start to finish pretty much on a daily basis and each time I fall more in love with her sound. Cultivate some sounds to make your soul smile. 🙂
  4. Create. Whatever you believe your talent, or art form is, channel your energy into creating a new project, big or small. Whether it’s pen to paper or brush to canvas, create something that is a direct reflection of you. Expression, in any form, is the best exercise for your soul.

On a side note, (which is slightly unrelated), I also came across a quote on IG earlier today that I felt was worth sharing: “believe in your come up.” Simply put.

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