tumblr_nq08evSKnr1txfhuoo1_1280It’s #HumpDay! Ironically, this is my only day off this week. I’m almost ashamed to admit the fact that I determine what day of the week it is based upon it’s association with social media. Monday/MCM. Tuesday/Transformation. Wednesday/WCW. Thursday/TBT. Friday/Flashback. I’m a lame for even being able to list each one. 

I’ve cluttered my IG feed on any given Wednesday with glam shots and Calabasas candids of none other than the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner. Yes, I’ve contributed to the flood of women appreciation posts that continue to flood our feed every #HumpDay. Truthfully, you’ve got to give credit when it’s due. I’ll never be one to throw shade on another female. I love pretty girls! #BBLU, right? 😉

Thinking back to the ice age, when I was actually in a relationship, I’m beginning to wonder if being my man’s #WCW truly affected me in any way? Like… was his willingness to show me off determined upon his effort to post me on his social media accounts? I think doubts and insecurities can definitely allow these type of thoughts to manifest. It then becomes a question of, why isn’t he willing to claim me, publicly? On the flip side, should it even matter that the world knows? Fuck what anyone has to say, right? If what you have between your boy/girl is real, does it matter that anyone else knows? As I’ve mentioned previously, especially in my early blog posts, social media adds an entirely different dynamic to the realm of relationships.

I’m not arguing the fact that something as minuscule as a #WCW should make or break one’s relationships, but its definitely fascinating to consider the power it can have. Then there’s those females who want nothing more than the recognition, publicly. Forget the love, the loyalty, the longevity of the relationship. Some are just out here striving for that hashtag. In addition to that, there’s the special, selective few who decide, “I’m my own #WCW!” To that I say, God Bless. #boyifyouuuuDONT..

This topic was really funny to me and I enjoyed creating this post. I hope ya’ll got something out of it. At the very least, a good laugh. #humpDAAAAAAY *camel emoji*

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