tumblr_nn663l2bAl1r9h6gko1_500I haven’t blogged like at all this week. I’ve been out of town, (Richmond + Charlotte) to spend time with Third Eye and vacation a little bit with my cousins in North Carolina. I don’t even know where to begin with this post.. I feel like I have a shit ton of topics to speak on, but I want to keep your attention so I’ll try not to run my mouth too much..

Given the way this summer has gone, which has honestly been nothing spectacular, I’ve come to a couple realizations concerning the way one should move and the value of relationships, in particularly how they have the power to affect you personally. I’m constantly grateful for the people in my life who continue to interject notions of positivity and happiness on a day to day basis. I posted something on IG yesterday that displays the following message: at this point in my life, if you aren’t makin’ me happy.. you gotta go. Straight like that.

You ever get so frustrated with a relationship that you just come to a point where you’re like, “if the intentions aren’t good.. just leave me alone.” Either you rock with me or you don’t. Learn that when someone chooses to be in your life when it’s convenient for them, that’s not a beneficial relationship. These are definitely ideas I’d like to keep in mind as a move forward in my twenties. [oh, and follow me on IG: raveyredd 😉 ]

The bloggy is always here for me to reflect on absolutely everything and anything that goes on in my life. Not until recently did I realize the importance of establishing and practicing healthy relationships with people. I’ve also had to convince myself that it’s okay to cut people off when the chemistry, or correct intentions, are no longer there. Not every move deserves an announcement, either. Just cut ’em off and keep it pushing. If the relationship is significant enough to preserve, you’ll know.

The beautiful and talented, Skye Townsend, tweeted something this past week that triggered a change for me. She tweeted two thoughts. The first: “You can tell when somebody isn’t on your team anymore.” Quickly followed by this second thought: “When the vibes or conversations have to be forced, I’m out.” While the message is seemingly simplistic, an individual has to come to the realization on their own in regards to finding the correct time to act on the insignificant, and sometimes detrimental, relationships we hold onto in life. Rid yourself of one-sided friendships. Transitions, both minor and enormous, should ultimately push you into a sphere of growth, positivity, and overall good vibes. S/o to Skye, your words definitely resonated. 

If it don’t fit, don’t force it. 

I was also lucky enough to experience the FOREST HILLS DRIVE TOUR this past week in Charlotte. I need to dedicate a post entirely to J.Cole’s set.. but that’ll come later on this week. Happy Sunday!

*I want to also dedicate this portion of the post to my big brother, Silas. You’re a fighter. Simply put. Hardest working person I know and like I tweeted earlier this week, God gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers. You’ll bounce back and return even more resilient than before. Let any doubt be motivation. It’s just the beginning.. xo #HTTR #Redskins #SilasRedd

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