After trolling the shit out of her IG / TWITTER / YOUTUBE CHANNEL, I instantly realized that I needed to dedicate a post to this unrecognized talent! Aubrey Van Allen, whom I met during my short stint at Pace University, is one of the dopest females I’ve crossed paths with since graduating high school. Straight out of the 860, Aubrey V has completely won me over with her Youtube covers. It’s been noted that some of her current musical influences include: Alicia Keys, Adele, Jhene Aiko, and Drake. Covering a multitude of genres, from R&B to Pop, she’s managed to collectively receive roughly 100,000 views on her Youtube channel. Posted below is her recently posted cover to Here by Alessia Cara. Check out her channel and thank me later! *drizzy voice*

  • Youtube: Aubrey Van Allen
  • Instagram: aubreyvanallen
  • Twitter: @iiaubsyou

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