september sensation

WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP / It’s the first of the month!

It’s already September and I’m back in the DMV! Thank God.

Nothing would make me happier than knowing I wouldn’t be returning to Connecticut permanently.. like ever. Don’t get me wrong, it’s home of course.. but, I feel like I’ve outgrown it in a sense that I can’t think of anything in CT that is conducive to what I want to do, or how I want to live right now. Feel me? It’s not some dramatic revelation, but I just feel like there’s nothing there for me besides my family. Change is good 100% of the time.

I think I’m going to try to set some personal goals this semester! I definitely need to cleanse after eating like a linebacker this summer. I need to get in the habit of treating my mind, body, and soul better. Blogging and writing gets my mind right and keeps me sane. In terms of my soul and body, here are some habits I’d like to commit to:


  • Eliminate unnecessary/excessive sugar in my diet, especially from liquids.
  • Choose alternative snacks that’ll contribute to overall weight loss.
  • Drink water to improve skin.
  • Take more Biotin for my hair, skin, and nails.
  • Use coconut oil daily for skin and hair. **
  • Continue to wear more protective hair styles to promote hair growth.


  • Try Bikram Yoga! This is a big one for me! I’m excited to try it out! I’m a beginner so I’ll definitely blog about my first experience.
  • Constantly remind myself to practice good karma. Be mindful of the the energies I allow to illuminate my life.
  • Do more activities that make me happy, even if I have to do them independently. If you couldn’t already tell by my prior posts, I’m very big on “finding your happiness.”
  • Stop dwelling on situations I can’t change. Be better, not bitter.

Happy September! 

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