UPDATE: Freelancin’, Sephora, + All Black Everything.

161c2f009931b4fe4f4c16b919e96d56Ok sooooo.. it’s been a minute! I updated my layout a little bit. It’s super simplistic, just black & white compared to the camouflage background I had on my website previously. As I’ve mentioned a million times before, I get bored incredibly quickly. New season, new layout..sounds good, right?

I’ve been trying to entirely ignore the fact that the summer sun is making itself less and less visible these days. Wearing Adidas slippers everywhere is becoming a little unrealistic. As soon as the seasons begin to shifts, reality slaps you in the face with the pleasant reminder that time is fleeting! Utilizing the time in your life should, more often than not, be directed towards growth; big and small!

I recently got hired as a Product Consultant at Sephora! (it’s oh so lit.) It’s honestly bad enough that my money goes to Starbucks 90% of the time but now, I should just make my checks payable towards the infinite number of products I’m about to purchase with my discount. I love working for establishments where the only dress code requirement is that you wear all black. Like, is that not the most ideal situation EVER? I’ve already been on Pinterest searching “all black everything” + “all black work outfits.” After all, black is the new black, right? On the bright side of the this whole winter epidemic, it’s almost leather weather! Leather jackets. Black Timbs. Hoodie Season. See.. these are pretty much the only reasons I’ll get excited for the upcoming winter months.

I’ve also been trying to build my writer’s portfolio lately! Real life is pretty much knock, knock, knocking so I’ve been trying to dedicate more time and effort toward creating/publishing more pieces to add to my portfolio. I’ve recently become a contributing writer for TheRichest.com. I’ll likely be writing for the [ fashion, entertainment, pop culture ] sections so I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on my initial, trial post! Freelancing is actually such a dope experience so far. For me, writing for a website is great experience, especially as a somewhat inexperienced writer. In terms of time management and ideas’, it’s as if I’m working for myself. I’m definitely open to getting my writing on as many platforms as possible. Of course, my blog is always first! November marks the 1 year anniversary of my blog!! It’s been such a fun journey thus far and I can’t wait to see what progress I’ll make in my 2nd year.

Fashion blog, SomethingNavy, created by New York fashionista Arielle Charnas, definitely utilizes a format I’d like to model my own website after moving forward. As a rookie blogger, I definitely admire her style and the tremendous growth of her blog over the years. Here’s a response from her FAQ section that I think young bloggers like myself should keep in mind:

Do you have any tips on starting a blog?

“I would honestly just say to be consistent. It’s hard to always keep up but it’s so important. Stay true to who you are, don’t change your style or your vibe because you see that is what is succeeding on someone else, people navigate towards something different and something they can relate to, you want to bring something different to the table. Be active on all your social platforms and keep yourself involved.”

Be sure to check out, http://www.SomethingNavy.com 

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