Anything Kardashian related is always blog worthy.

unnamedKim, Khloe, Kendall, & Kylie have the digital media world on lock! On September 14th, the sisters each independently introduced the world to their new websites. Essentially, the apps/sites offer fans an interactive experience; giving them an up close and personal look at their lives. Focusing primarily on beauty regimes and fashion looks, the sites also highlight details and never before seen clips of their intimate, and what sometimes seems to be the unrealistic dynamics of their lives beyond #KUWTK.

For my fellow broke girlz/boiz, the sisters provide a breakdown of their outfits while simultaneously presenting a price efficient version of the original outfit. For the young women who can’t necessarily afford stacks of Cartier Love bracelets, the markdown on strikingly similar pieces makes it easy for viewers, like myself, to mimic some of her looks! Containing mostly original content, the Kylie Jenner app in particular showcases media including her father/mother (no shade) Caitlyn Jenner, trans Youtube sensation turned socialite Gigi Gorgeous, and of course her beloved Italian Greyhounds, Norman & Bambi.

Since I’m now a Product Consultant at Sephora, the glam videos are absolutely everything. Soooo informative! Kylie Glam gives fans an intuitive tutorial on contouring, brows, proper eyelash application, and even methods to transform your cleavage from Kylie to Kim K. I died a little bit when I saw she dedicated a portion of her site to her nails! I LIVE for nails, it’s actually kind of embarrassing. The nail tab, which is titled “Kylie Klaws”, shares some of her favorite colors/looks she’s tried and loved in the past. Nude. Hot Pink. Baby Blue. Matte. Glitter. So much nail glam.. I honestly couldn’t get enough.

If you keep up with the Kardashians more than your own life (me), be sure to check out their new sites!


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