bling bling

L1438041537_8b369053cff2e2c19b7604460453e5e5iterally dying because I’ve been seeing so many memes / videos / whatever dedicated to cuffing season like it’s some kind of cultural event that takes place annually every time the weather shifts to those cool, Autumn months. I’m lying, it’s definitely BRICK out already and I know you guys are thinking about who you’re about to be laid up with for the winter..

I honestly hope some of you guys don’t have a legitimate cuffing season roster. God forbid.

I can’t scroll down my newsfeed without someone professing their need to #Netflix&Chill or, even their immediate need to minimize their “draft picks.”It’s hilarious but also crazy that this is the generation we live in. For those of you who read my website consistently, you’d probably assume that I’m extremely anti-relationships. That’s not entirely true. My theory is simplistic: find someone who is really for you. Be low-key, build, and just have fun with it. 

When I say, “find someone who is really for you,” I mean, find someone who really rides for you. Don’t do it for social media. Don’t do it for likes. Keep the intentions pure and the connection real! On paper, it seems pretty achievable.. yaaaaaaaaa OK! Until then, I’ll continue to sleep peacefully at night knowing I’m not getting cheated on.

I’m constantly blogging about practicing positive relationships and eliminating insignificant people. (not to self, RAVEN!) I’m such an impulsive person to the point that it’s kind of destructive, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of certain relationships. Both platonic and not, does this person really have my best interests at heart? Does he/she really rock with you like you think they do? You can only blame someone so much for doing exactly what you allow them to do to you. Snap out of it. Have enough sense and respect to draw the line and really recognize that the given circumstance is stagnant.. and that it’s probably time to hit the old, dusty trail.

People have told me that the tone of my blog is interpreted in a way that I’m schooling my readers but honestly, more often than not, it’s me lecturing the shit out of myself. I learn the hard way with most things in my life. *sigh* 

Don’t ever think my musings ever have anything to do with putting other people down. It’s about recognizing faults in myself, learning from each one, & sharing them with ya’ll. Sometimes funny, sometimes aggressive, but always authentic. Be real with yourself, make it a habit to practice healthy relationships, and don’t always entertain the trouble that comes along when that hotline blings. F*ck with yourself so heavy you forget anyone else even exists. 

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