young blood$

tumblr_inline_ndwwscykGB1rrexidI keep up with celebrity relations pretty closely. Partly because I’m nosey as hell, but mostly because I love entertainment, pop culture, celebrity gossip, and even MediaTakeOut. Yes, I know. I need to do better. MTO can’t even post an article without making numerous typos. Theres been a real trend of notable male celebrities such as [ Tyga, The Game, and Scott Disick ] who’ve decided to part ways with their middle-aged wifeys and go a couple- ok, maybe a little more than a couple- years younger. *sips tea*

What is the sudden infatuation with younger girls? The tabloids make it seem like older men dating younger women has become some sort of an epidemic. It’s happened for decade.. centuries even. I’ve previously posted about Tyga and Kylie, mostly summarizing how young girls who dive into relationships with older men are usually not mature enough in a multitude of ways. First of all, I recant those statements. My single ass really shouldn’t even speak on one’s relationship, especially if they’re happy and healthy. Emphasis on healthy. That’s important. Remind me to write a post about that later.

If two people really vibe with each other, does age really matter? Ultimately, it shouldn’t. Some may argue that age is relative. Age isn’t significant, it’s merely only a number. I’ve only been in relationships where there’s been an age gap both ways, two years younger & two years older. Not drastic at all. Speaking from my own experiences when dealing with someone you really connect with, age is always & WILL always be the last thing on my mind. Certainly theres wisdom and experience that comes along with age but these days, I feel like innocence is stripped from the youth so early. You’re exposed to SO many things at such a young age, especially by way of the Internet. Middle school girls damn near look my age, if not older. If my parents knew half of the things that were talked about on my elementary school bus, they’d pull my ass off that yellow bus in .2.

It’s the generation we live in. It’s hard enough to find someone you genuinely f*ck with these days, don’t let age be a determining factor. Get ya Kylie on, ladies. To my boy$, keep it classy (& above 18.) 

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