#WCW Skye DeMaio

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.21.53 PMIt’s Wednesday! I definitely wanted to dedicate this post to a female whose energy is almost as dope as the art she creates. #WCW definitely goes to Skye DeMaio, who I’ve really only gotten to know recently after officially meeting her at my brother’s old job. Obviiiiiiiiously, I’ve been obsessed ever since! I was first put on to her sound via Instagram, double tapping snippets and covers she’s contributed to my feed. Once I knew how dedicated she was to her music, I made it a priority to get her on the bloggy. Get to know my blonde boo, Skye!

My Name Is: Skye DeMaio

You Can Call Me: Skye

My Sound Is: 90’s R&B fused with trap soul / music with a message. 

My Current Musical Influences: J Dilla, J.Cole, Billie Holiday, Kehlani, Jhene Aiko, & Bryson Tiller.

Ideal Collaboration: Toss up between Soul Tape Fab and J. Cole.

Three Words To Describe Me As An Artist: Substance, Depth, & Soulful. 

My Personal Style Is: Soul Food Eye Candy

My Current Project: My newest single is called “Tryna Do” – a 90’s styled hit that promotes my artist identity; music with a message. This single addresses women who have been tainted with the idea of what a relationship is. People forget what a relationship is supposed to be about: Value and be valued. Liking someone does not signify value. It is going to be the first single off my project “SoulFood EyeCandy.” Explanation? It is 100% OK for women to be Eye Candy, but not without being Soul Food first. 

Follow her on IG – @SKYEDEMAIO

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