tumblr_nw2ehaxKz11uynyeao1_500Meek Mill, I’ve had just about enough of you.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m obnoxious on pretty much every form of social media. I’m always Snapping, always posting on IG, & constantly refreshing my Twitter timeline. I’ll partly put the blame on being a millennial and somewhat put the blame on the fact that I’m obsessed. Whatever. 

The only reason I chose to blog about this topic tonight is because of the current conflict between Meek and Wale. According to @TheShadeRoom, Meek has chosen to express certain sentiments towards Wale via IG regarding a host of issues, mainly expressing the fact that Wale is no longer apart of #MMG. When the whole Drake / Meek Mill feud started, I wasn’t entirely opposed to Meek’s argument. It’s not necessarily what he had to say, but instead the way he went about relaying the message to the rest of the world. Listen, I’m sure there’s a bunch of nonsense that goes on behind the scenes in the music industry. I never doubted that. We as fans probably only see a sliver of what actually goes down. From interviews to Instagram, it’s so accessible for fans to keep up with rapper relations to a certain extent.. good and bad.

I’ll never present myself to be some hip-hop intellectual. No, my blog is not Rap Genius. I’m a fan of rap & it’s culture so it’s always interesting to me to see how some of it’s heavy hitters maneuver in the game. Hip-Hop culture plays such a vital role in pop culture as an entirety. It’s deeper than just rap. We are the culture.

I guess my first question is, who is Meek Mill’s publicist? I really don’t want to bash him because I’m a fan of his music, but why does he continue to inflict what seems to be self harm on his OWN career. We get it, you have the baddest female in the game by your side. We’re all well aware of how much money you have and continue to make. It seems he just lets social networks get the best of him.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 7.57.38 PMOne valuable lesson I learned years ago is that you can never act out of anger. Don’t respond to certain situation when you’re enraged, or irritated by a given situation. You have to learn to bite your tongue sometimes.. as hard as it may be. That’s coming from someone whose extremely stubborn and hard-headed. Don’t let these networks get the best of you because once it’s out there, you’ll never be able to reverse the damage thats been done. I remember I aired a whole bunch of my dirty laundry out on Twitter regarding one of my relationships a few years ago and I’m still embarrassed by it. It’s out there forever.

When fans discuss Meek’s music moving forward, those indiscretions will always be a topic of discussion. Although I can’t bring myself to follow him on social media, all I’ve seen in his picture comments are rows of diamond emojis. *cue What A Time To Be Alive..*

I’ll never knock anyone’s hustle or success. That goes for a multi-million dollar rapper as it applies to any one of my peers. I think it’s just significant to be mindful of the way one responds to anything in their prospective life. Not every circumstance needs a reaction. Sometimes no response speaks volumes. 

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