Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 3.47.30 PMIf you follow me on social media, you know I ride for Instagram. I am always posting pointless selfies, quotes stolen from Tumblr that somehow relate to how I am feeling that day, and snap shots of my weekend shenanigans. I love the idea of Instagram and hope it doesn’t go out of style like Myspace did. In hindsight, the idea of having a digital stream of images that have highlighted the the best of times of our lives is pretty reassuring. Being able to reflect, and get a little nostalgic at times, is good for the soul. Life is a journey and it’s refreshing to be able to look back on the memories and mental pictures turned IG posts. Tom, I respected your vision but better social media outlets have stolen the stage since your media demise. Sh*t happens.

Do: Feel free to put filters on your pictures, as long as it still actually looks like you in reality. Last thing someone wants to hear is, “You don’t look like your Instagram pictures..” Traaaaaaagic.

Don’t: Post the the animated, sexual pictures/GIFs with the caption, “I could really use this right now.” Keep that to yourself. I guarantee you posting that picture won’t get you what you’re looking for. Just food for thought. I think talking about intimacy, as it relates to yourself & your partner, on social networks is uncomfortable.. and awkward.

Do: Post selfies! I’m probably the biggest selfie enthusiast you will ever meet in your life. Look good, feel good, post selfies! Plus, a selfie a day keeps the basics away. 

Don’t: Get all worked up over your significant other getting trigger happy with the like button. It’s Instagram, I honestly wouldn’t read too into it. If he’s the one you’re going home to at night, essentially the comment under that random girl’s selfie doesn’t mean much.

Do: Get lost in the explore page! Sometimes I find myself scrolling for days seeing how differently people live around the world. Although I’ve grown up in the age of the internet, it still amazes me how efficiently we’re able to connect with those all over!

Don’t: Believe everything you see! Social media is a facade. People post what they WANT others to see/perceive. Believe it or not, people do have a life outside of social networks. Don’t compare/contrast your life with those of your followers because you don’t always know someone’s story. Their hustle. Their day-to-day routine. Their accomplishments. I’m super open with my life being that I blog about it. Being an open book is a personal choice.

Don’t: GUYS. (I’m dying lolol) You MUST stop commenting the sly guy/heart eye emoji under girls pictures giving people the impression you guys talk. If she responds, it’s cool. If she doesn’t, just take that L. Also, commenting on picture from 54 weeks ago asking, “What’s your number?” ………..God bless.

Don’t: Girls, please stop posting your boyfriend every single #MCM. Also, puuuuuhlease stop with the “I am my own #WCW.” That’s foolish, stop it girl. We get it, you’re single.

Do: Follow me on IG! @raveyredd

I could honestly keep blogging about this but I’m about to catch the last quarter of this Redskins/Patriots game. Being a Skin’s fan is stressful. It’s still #HTTR to the end though! 

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