In My Own Words

Happy Thursday! I’m too ready to head back home to the 203 this weekend. My nephew is having his 2nd birthday party this upcoming Sunday! I talked to him over FaceTime yesterday and we literally had a full on exchange of sentences. The fact that he was able to adequately answer my questions then subsequently follow up his response with: “How are you Ray-Ray?” is entirely too much for me to handle. He’s too grown!

In other news, I’m currently flipping through the the November 2015 Cosmopolitan issue. Typical. They have this particular feature titled, “In Her/His Own Words.” It’s essentially a fill in the blank, survey of about 10 questions that are designed to help the reader get to know the prospective celeb’s peculiar qualities, opinions, secrets, and overall characteristics. I took it upon myself to steal a few questions and apply them to myself.  I previously changed the headline on my home page. Now it reads, “Welcome to my World.” Much more fitting. Everything I share on this site is meant to mirror my life, my thoughts, my reality. Here we go:

Nickname: OVO, Ravey, Rave, Ray Ray.

The thing I’m most proud of: My blog & my brothers.

My happy place: My bed.

Favorite cocktail: Hennessy & Coke.. or OJ.

Last thing I watched online: Gotham! It’s so sick but ridiculously good! Watch it.

Pet peeve(s): Unscented skin products. When people respond to a text message with LOL. Short nails/broken nail(s)/ugly nails. When someone doesn’t pick up on social cues.

Most overused word/phrase: Dope. OD. God bless.

My first kiss was: @ ESPN Zone

Biggest turn-on: Someone who’s sense of humor is as weird as mine. Also.. someone who can put me in my place.

The key to getting over a breakup is: Look 3x better than before. Look good, feel better.

The best relationship advice I ever got was from: Erica.

I constantly get teased about: My voice.

My mantra: No apologies.

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