It’s been a minute.

Thanksgiving break is upon us. You wanna know something so crazy? Well, I think it’s crazy. I haven’t spent Thanksgiving at home in six years. SIX years! Since my brother always played either collegiate or professional football, each year we would travel to spend the holidays with him. Being that his schedule never permitted him the leniency of traveling home for the holidays, my mom would prep everything and bring home to him. Spending the holidays in State College, PA & Los Angeles, CA are a bit different when compared to giving thanks in my hometown. S/O Norwalk. As much as I bitch and moan about CT, home is where the heart is.

Sometimes our lives are so overwhelmingly chaotic that we as human beings forget to take a step back to acknowledge the multitude of blessings we’re showered with daily. Every morning on Twitter, at least 1o to 15 different accounts give thanks to the most high for being able to see another day. Every morning, like clockwork, they acknowledge that opportunity to live another 24. Something as significant as life is ironically so easily overlooked and taken for granted. Bizarre once you actually break down the idea. “Thank God for allowing me to see another day.” It’s humbling as hell once you truly internalize the idea that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. That being said, this holiday season I’m just thankful to be here. Cheers to life.



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