Writer’s block is a phenomenon I hope to never suffer from again.

Some people say you can never do anything until you’re ready.. I believe that. My blog has always been my baby, and although I feel like I should smack myself for neglecting it this long, I didn’t want to come back without a clear vision of what I wanted to do with it moving forward. That, and also, I fucking miss writing. Every single person on this earth has an outlet, or even a passion, that allows them to escape figuratively and experience some sort of euphoria, or relief. This is it for me.

The portfolio portion of my blog is dedicated to any published work I’ve created for other sites, such as the centric-media company, Viewing.NYC. I’m unbelievably happy to be writing for not just one, but now two sites, where I will be listed as a contributing writer. is an NYC -based online publication for millennial women, which focuses on a plethora of topics. Love. Health. Beauty. Entertainment. Whether it’s an alternative website, or my personal domain, the idea of creating content for the culture is all I’m focused on moving forward.

I stumbled across this post online, I believe it was on Instagram, that referenced something along the lines of of this: “People are most attractive when they’re talking about something they love, with passion in their eyes.” I think young adults in my generation are pressured to have a definite answer when asked what they believe their purpose is.

“What do you live for? What are you passionate about? What were you put on this earth to do?

Initially,  I think a lot of us bullshit the answer in hopes to portray this sense of stability.. like we have everything figured out. But I tell you what, when you find that one thing that you whole-heartedly love, that shit is truly an epiphany like no other. It’s like.. finally realizing what you were put on earth to do. When you love that passion like your first love, that’s when you know you’ve found it and need to run with it.

I’m so happy to be writing publicly again .. Lord knows. Please stay tuned for what I have in store!

Peace and blessings. 🙂

PS: Here is an article about an artist who uses their art expression by means of healing, or “a tool to help us when we are unable to express life’s burdens with words.” Beautifully written and ironically spot on to what I’ve discussed in this post. That line is taken from a post written by an artist/mom/blogger, Hanssie, out of Southern California. Here’s an excerpt from her write-up:

“Eight years ago, as I was battling some of the lemons life had thrown at me, I started my photography business. Pouring out my heart and emotion into making images while my heart was bleeding was the best medicine for me. Photography was a balm to my soul.”

NYC Ballet Photographer Luis Pons | Photography As Tool To Heal

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