Hi, I’m Raven. I’m an aspiring writer out of the 203 & this is my blog. *awkward introduction*

I found a quote in Cosmopolitan Magazine recently that instantly awakened the writer in me. It mainly inspired me to start writing more frequently and it single-handedly led to the creation of this blog. The quote read, “I taught at Yale for five years when I was managing editor, and what I stress for students interested in journalism, rather than picking a specialty, like blogging or being a videographer, was to master the basics of really good storytelling, have curiosity and a sense of how a topic is different from a story, and actually go out and witness and report. If you hone those skills, you will be in demand, as those talents are prized. There is too much journalism right now that is just based on people scraping the internet and riffing off something else.”

I found that to be inspiring, in a sense that these days with outlets such as Twitter, Blogspot, and even Facebook; everyone has a platform for their voice to be heard.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I tend to tweet.. a lot.. sometimes even too much as I’ve been told over the past few years. Funny enough, my tweets range from discussing the latest in music, for example: live tweeting the VMA’s or the newest Fabolous Friday Night Freestyle, to my own personal biases and opinions of relationships, dating, and the fact that I’m the most single specimen in the state of Connecticut.

Regardless the topic, if writing and specifically journalism is something you are looking to pursue, the best thing you can do is write. As much or as little as possible. If you have a talent, or a skill you’re looking to perfect, you must hone in on your strengths and at least attempt to better yourself everyday. French Montana said something super simplistic but incredibly meaningful to me: you can’t cheat the hustle. In layman’s terms: if you have a dream, get off your ass and go get it by any means necessary. No room for shortcuts.

I’m honestly very unsure what following I’ll get from this but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right? I want this blog to be an account of my own life experiences and inner thoughts, ideas, and finally be a platform for my sometimes nonsensical twitter rampages that have flooded the timelines of too many. Completely uncensored and unapologetic. My first goal is too “master the basics of really good storytelling,” as mentioned previously.  If I kept your attention up until now, I must be doing something right. Stay tuned.

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