tumblr_nolu7qtlMk1tzjw8ao1_500I’ve literally spent this entire day in bed. Being that my life is a series of unfortunate events, I was unlucky enough to get sick this week. Nothing but NyQuil and OJ for ya girl. I’ve been wanting to write all day! I’ve surprisingly never done a favorite’s post on here and I’m honestly such a fat girl at heart. I’m surprised I’m not eating Nutella out of the jar while typing this. If you think I have you on my mind, I’m more than likely thinking about wings. Here’s what I’ve been obsessing over lately. #YUMMMMMM

If you know me at all, you know I’m such a foodie. I eat a shit ton and I just really love good food! Lately, I’ve been blowing the bank at WingStop.. which is really bad, but it’s just too bomb. The staff already recognizes me and knows my order by heart. I know, I gotta chill. As much as Rick Ross promotes the chain, I made it a priority to try it out & see what all the hype is about. The best/worst thing I could’ve done. 10 count Louisiana Rub. (bone in, all flats) Take my word, guys. No Lemon Pepper, sorry Rozay.

I’m such a caffeine freak, too. If you follow me on Snapchat, you already know I have a very serious Starbucks addiction. I’m there every single day, sometimes twice a day. My go-to drink is a Venti Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte w/ no whip. It already comes with 3 shots of expresso, so by 12 PM I’m 100% running on caffeine & anxiety alone. Some days I’m feeling kinda froggy and order an extra shot of expresso. That’s strictly for those zombie mornings. I’m also having SUCH Donut Delight withdrawals since I’m no longer in CT. *sigh* The first step is admitting you have a problem. 

I love beer! So fattening but so good. Blue Moon is the best obviously, that isn’t even up for debate. Right now, they do have the seasonal Harvest Pumpkin Ale. Especially on tap, it’s a nice change from the usual Belgium White. Pick up a 6-pack and thank me later.

I occasionally chef it up! Especially since I’m no longer living at home, I don’t have as many home cooked meals as I’m used to. I have a weird obsession with going grocery shopping, don’t ask. Here are some of my favorite meals to make:

  • Tilapia, Shrimp, Grilled Chicken (sometimes w/ BBQ Sauce), or yum.. if you marinate grilled chicken in cajun sauce/dressing and THEN grill it. So bomb. I’m suddenly so obsessed with spicy food. I was put on to Sriracha sauce and it’s been lit ever since. Shrimp cooked in Sriracha sauce >>>>>>>> My mouth is literally watering thinking about it. It’s like I’m pregnant and I’m constantly craving spicy foods. (knock on wood, yikes) Buffalo sauce on anything is just.. ugh. Bomb.
  • I love pasta, especially when there’s ground turkey in the sauce. Sauté the onions in oil, add the ground turkey, and then mix in the sauce once it’s done cooking. Crushed Red Pepper has become my new best friend, especially with pasta. Whether it’s shells, spaghetti, or rotini; these meals are so easy & fast to make. Mmmmm pasta w/ pesto is also so good, too! Adding chicken or shrimp is always a good idea if you’re not too fond of ground turkey.
  • I’m absolutely in love with guacamole! I used to despise it, I was strictly a salsa girl, but I honestly can’t get enough.  I’ve been wanting to make my own, following a homemade recipe. First of all, avocados are so good for you.. they have such high nutrient value! Back home, I would get avocado and cream cheese on a toasted everything bagel (cut in half because I’m a child.) Maybe I’ll get around to making my own guacamole this week. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out!

I can write about food for hours on end.. it’s actually disgusting. It’s definitely Taco Tuesday but I’m thinking this Chipotle move is probably the best option right now. What’re your favorite things to munch on at the moment?


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.45.57 PMI’ve always really supported the idea of musicians putting out accompanying videos for their work. I love the number of ways an artist is able to play around with the visuals for any given project. Drake just released an official music video for ‘Hotline Bling’ and I’m honestly such a fan! Like most artists, he could’ve gone so many other avenues in terms of subject matter, but I love how playful he was with it. I also LOVE the incorporation of chocolate girls in the video. S/O to the gang 1 time. I hope you guys loved this as much as I did. Aubrey can do no wrong.


Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.28.09 AMMy timeline is buzzing right now with post after post dedicated to surprise collaborative mixtape, #Overnight // Jimmy BAD, B Whitey, & Lil KittyGuwap. I was such a fan of Roughneck so I was definitely excited to see snaps of Brandon and Jimmy recording again! I know Kitty has been working for years now creating music of his own. The three merged their distinctive sounds to create #Overnight for us. It’s a good day to be from the 203. Be sure to share and show love!




#WCW Skye DeMaio

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.21.53 PMIt’s Wednesday! I definitely wanted to dedicate this post to a female whose energy is almost as dope as the art she creates. #WCW definitely goes to Skye DeMaio, who I’ve really only gotten to know recently after officially meeting her at my brother’s old job. Obviiiiiiiiously, I’ve been obsessed ever since! I was first put on to her sound via Instagram, double tapping snippets and covers she’s contributed to my feed. Once I knew how dedicated she was to her music, I made it a priority to get her on the bloggy. Get to know my blonde boo, Skye!

My Name Is: Skye DeMaio

You Can Call Me: Skye

My Sound Is: 90’s R&B fused with trap soul / music with a message. 

My Current Musical Influences: J Dilla, J.Cole, Billie Holiday, Kehlani, Jhene Aiko, & Bryson Tiller.

Ideal Collaboration: Toss up between Soul Tape Fab and J. Cole.

Three Words To Describe Me As An Artist: Substance, Depth, & Soulful. 

My Personal Style Is: Soul Food Eye Candy

My Current Project: My newest single is called “Tryna Do” – a 90’s styled hit that promotes my artist identity; music with a message. This single addresses women who have been tainted with the idea of what a relationship is. People forget what a relationship is supposed to be about: Value and be valued. Liking someone does not signify value. It is going to be the first single off my project “SoulFood EyeCandy.” Explanation? It is 100% OK for women to be Eye Candy, but not without being Soul Food first. 

Follow her on IG – @SKYEDEMAIO

young blood$

tumblr_inline_ndwwscykGB1rrexidI keep up with celebrity relations pretty closely. Partly because I’m nosey as hell, but mostly because I love entertainment, pop culture, celebrity gossip, and even MediaTakeOut. Yes, I know. I need to do better. MTO can’t even post an article without making numerous typos. Theres been a real trend of notable male celebrities such as [ Tyga, The Game, and Scott Disick ] who’ve decided to part ways with their middle-aged wifeys and go a couple- ok, maybe a little more than a couple- years younger. *sips tea*

What is the sudden infatuation with younger girls? The tabloids make it seem like older men dating younger women has become some sort of an epidemic. It’s happened for decade.. centuries even. I’ve previously posted about Tyga and Kylie, mostly summarizing how young girls who dive into relationships with older men are usually not mature enough in a multitude of ways. First of all, I recant those statements. My single ass really shouldn’t even speak on one’s relationship, especially if they’re happy and healthy. Emphasis on healthy. That’s important. Remind me to write a post about that later.

If two people really vibe with each other, does age really matter? Ultimately, it shouldn’t. Some may argue that age is relative. Age isn’t significant, it’s merely only a number. I’ve only been in relationships where there’s been an age gap both ways, two years younger & two years older. Not drastic at all. Speaking from my own experiences when dealing with someone you really connect with, age is always & WILL always be the last thing on my mind. Certainly theres wisdom and experience that comes along with age but these days, I feel like innocence is stripped from the youth so early. You’re exposed to SO many things at such a young age, especially by way of the Internet. Middle school girls damn near look my age, if not older. If my parents knew half of the things that were talked about on my elementary school bus, they’d pull my ass off that yellow bus in .2.

It’s the generation we live in. It’s hard enough to find someone you genuinely f*ck with these days, don’t let age be a determining factor. Get ya Kylie on, ladies. To my boy$, keep it classy (& above 18.) 

bling bling

L1438041537_8b369053cff2e2c19b7604460453e5e5iterally dying because I’ve been seeing so many memes / videos / whatever dedicated to cuffing season like it’s some kind of cultural event that takes place annually every time the weather shifts to those cool, Autumn months. I’m lying, it’s definitely BRICK out already and I know you guys are thinking about who you’re about to be laid up with for the winter..

I honestly hope some of you guys don’t have a legitimate cuffing season roster. God forbid.

I can’t scroll down my newsfeed without someone professing their need to #Netflix&Chill or, even their immediate need to minimize their “draft picks.”It’s hilarious but also crazy that this is the generation we live in. For those of you who read my website consistently, you’d probably assume that I’m extremely anti-relationships. That’s not entirely true. My theory is simplistic: find someone who is really for you. Be low-key, build, and just have fun with it. 

When I say, “find someone who is really for you,” I mean, find someone who really rides for you. Don’t do it for social media. Don’t do it for likes. Keep the intentions pure and the connection real! On paper, it seems pretty achievable.. yaaaaaaaaa OK! Until then, I’ll continue to sleep peacefully at night knowing I’m not getting cheated on.

I’m constantly blogging about practicing positive relationships and eliminating insignificant people. (not to self, RAVEN!) I’m such an impulsive person to the point that it’s kind of destructive, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of certain relationships. Both platonic and not, does this person really have my best interests at heart? Does he/she really rock with you like you think they do? You can only blame someone so much for doing exactly what you allow them to do to you. Snap out of it. Have enough sense and respect to draw the line and really recognize that the given circumstance is stagnant.. and that it’s probably time to hit the old, dusty trail.

People have told me that the tone of my blog is interpreted in a way that I’m schooling my readers but honestly, more often than not, it’s me lecturing the shit out of myself. I learn the hard way with most things in my life. *sigh* 

Don’t ever think my musings ever have anything to do with putting other people down. It’s about recognizing faults in myself, learning from each one, & sharing them with ya’ll. Sometimes funny, sometimes aggressive, but always authentic. Be real with yourself, make it a habit to practice healthy relationships, and don’t always entertain the trouble that comes along when that hotline blings. F*ck with yourself so heavy you forget anyone else even exists.